The Purrrfect Prayer

Purrfect Prayer

Tabitha, the Tabby Cat, lives in a house with her owners. They have a daughter named Francine and a son named Timmy. Francine is a little girl with red curly hair and glasses; she likes to help her mom in the garden. Timmy likes to pull her tail, squirt her with his squirt gun, and tease her with things on a string.

Tabitha is a helpful cat. She strolls around the house and looks for any chance to help. Her reward for a good job is a scratch behind her ears. She loves the attention; it always makes her purr. It was like tickling a small child; they can’t help but laugh. Cats can’t help but purr when pet behind the ear.

After a nap, Tabitha was praying. “Dear God, please let me help someone today. Amen.”

Tabitha opens her eyes, stretches her legs, and arches her back. She sure does love her afternoon catnaps. She walks through the house. Francine is in her room playing with her dolls, Timmy has a wooden sword in his hand and a cape around his neck, their mom is in the kitchen cleaning.

She strolled to her food dish and munches on leftover breakfast and laps some water to wash it down. She suddenly feels the need to go outside.

She looks up at mom and meows. Mom wipes her hands on a towel, kneels, and rubs her behind the ears. Tabitha purred. She rubs against her leg, meows again, and looks over at the screen door.

“You want to go outside, Tabby?” Asks mom.

“Meow,” says Tabitha.

Mom opens the screen door, and Tabitha steps off the porch and into the green grass. She stretches, arches her back, and looks around. A squirrel is scampering in the neighbor’s yard, and a pretty blackbird is flying overhead. Tabitha sees a tiny purple dot in the yard and knows it is where she needs to go.

She takes a few steps and sees it’s a snail. It is a girl; it must be — no way a boy snail would have a pretty shell like that. The snail looks tired and looks like she could use a little bit of help.

Tabitha walks up to the snail and meows. The snail hides in her shell.

“Go away, Mrs. Tabby Cat. Please don’t hurt me,” says the snail.

Tabitha can tell that the snail is scared. So, she leaves. Tabitha is sad she could not help her. The snail looked like she wanted to get somewhere. It must have been far because she looked tired.

Tabitha knew one thing. If you are not able to help someone, then you find someone else who can. Maybe her size scared the snail. She sees the blackbird and calls out to him.

“Hello, Mr. Blackbird. Can I ask you a favor?” Asks Tabitha.

“Most certainly,” says the blackbird. “How can I be of service to you, tabby cat?”

“Do you see that snail over there?” She points her tail to the snail.

“Why, yes, I do see her,” says the blackbird. “She looks sad and scared. Do you know why?”

“No,” says Tabitha. “I tried to help her, but I scared her. You are smaller; maybe you can help her?”

“I shall do my best,” says the blackbird. He took off in the air toward the little snail.

“Thank you,” says Tabitha. She makes her way around the house so the snail could not see her. She sees the squirrel again, he is picking up acorns, looking for a place to hide them.

Tabitha prays, “Thank you, Lord, for giving me the chance to help the snail. Please help Mr. Blackbird to be able to help her get where she is going.”

Tabitha opens her eyes, and she sees a pretty butterfly. She likes chasing butterflies. She had never caught one, and she didn’t really know what to do if she ever did. But it was fun.

After she was tired and the butterfly flew away, she walked back to the screen door and meowed. Francine let her in asking her about her day. She meows. Francine scratched her behind the ear; Tabitha purred.

She had a fun day. Her prayer was answered; she was able to try and help someone. Even though they didn’t accept her help, she was able to find someone else who might be able to help.

Maybe one day she will know what happened to the little snail. Until then, it was time for an evening catnap and another prayer to see who she could help next.

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