Wouldn’t it be Awesome if Becoming a Christian Went Viral?

When you think of something going viral, you think of YouTube videos like Chewbacca Mom and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That. These viral sensations impacted our lives and our culture. They brought on endless parodies and even a long list of memes that immortalize the maker of the video.

Videos are not the only thing that can go viral. One-liners delivered through TV and movies can also become viral. “Where’s the Beef?” “I’ll be back.” “Say hello to my little friend.” “Alrighty, then.” “Go ahead, make my day” “To the moon, Alice.” “How you doin’,” “Missed it by that much.” All of these phrases have made their famous run for the last 50 years. Depending on your generation, you will have your favorites.

Going viral is all about being recognized, internalized, and immortalized. People see something and enjoy it.  They feel a connection to it through laughter or shared experience. Then they want to share what they saw or heard with everyone. A video becomes viral because people relate to the content. A phrase goes viral when people use the vernacular in everyday conversation. A lifestyle becomes viral when enough people seek to emulate the lifestyle being portrayed.

So, what if being a Christian became viral? What if going to church became the ‘in’ thing to do. What if people became Jesus ‘stans’? What impact would this have on our world today?

The Influx of the Secular Facing the Spectacular

You are witnessing a major shift in the way people are viewing Christianity. On the one hand, we are being scolded over our stance on moral issues, unafraid to call sin, sin. On the other side of the fence we see people climbing out of the woodwork and turning to Jesus, acknowledging Him as their Savior.

While some household names have professed Christ for a while now like Tim Tebow, Selena Gomez, and Mario Lopez, but others are new to their spiritual journey. Names synonymous for secular culture like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and most recently, Kanye West are now professing their faith publicly. Even professed atheists Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt have come to grips that there is a God, and he loves each and every one of us.

The Bible and Professing Faith in Christ

There are countless verses that give us clear instruction on what we must do to be saved. And many non-Christians often believe that it requires you to stop living your life and read the Bible from sunup to sundown and to leave all you once knew behind. This could not be farther from the truth. There is one thing we must do to be saved; we must believe.

Some would argue there is more to the process, but once you believe, the admit and confess portion of it falls into place. True belief brings the realization that we are sinners, and we can only turn to Jesus for our forgiveness.

John 3:16, the one verse that even people who don’t know another word of the Bible know, is the crux of all scripture. God loved the world. He sent His son into it to die for us. If we believe we will be saved. Romans 10:9, the end of the Roman Road reaffirms that if anyone believes in their heart and confesses with their mouth they are saved. Everyone.

The Stones Cry Out

There has always been one verse that has impacted me. It is spoken by Jesus as he is making his Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Recorded in the book of Luke, Jesus is being rebuked by the Pharisees for allowing his disciples to praise God so vocally. Jesus tells them, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” – Luke 19:40

With these recent events, it has me thinking, are ‘the very stones’ crying out? Have we as Christians remained silent so long that God is now using those who some would consider unconvertable? Who would ever think that Kanye West, a man who was known for his on and off-stage antics, would become a man of God? But now he has recorded an album shouting his faith from the rooftop.

Isn’t it amazing the Jesus chose these words? Cry out. The original Greek word is krazō. It literally means to scream or a loud shout. We correlate shouting and being loud with those who have a voice to be heard. We also associate the word stone with a hardened heart — someone who will not budge on a position or has little feeling for what matters.

Final Thoughts

If indeed the stones are now crying out, we need to take notice. For one, we can stop our self-righteous doubt and rejoice that a lost sheep has come home. It is ridiculous for us to pray for lost souls, then when one finds their way to Christ, doubt it is genuine. God can work in and through whom he chooses. He chose you, right? He spoke through a burning bush, a cloud in the sky, through a donkey, and now he is choosing to speak through a rock, a secular voice that no one dreamed would come to Christ.

Think about the possibilities. Reports have shown that Bible sites as well as Google, have seen a spike, since the release of Kanye’s “Jesus is King,” in searches for Jesus and about the tenants of Christian faith. God is using this to reach the lost.

If God’s Word is spreading, should it matter the means at which it is spread?

Remember, the disciples were telling Jesus that they had to stop a man from using Jesus’ name to spread the word about him. Jesus tells them, “For the one who is not against us is for us.” – Mark 9:40

What if God used Kanye, Justin, and Brad to make becoming a Christian viral? How many souls could be reached? This is a glorious thing!!

So, fellow believers, let us join with our new brothers and sisters in Christ and share the Gospel with the world. It is a wonderfully amazing thing to witness these men and women come to the saving grace we know. God’s hand can reach the highest heights, as well as the lowest depths. He will leave the 99 to save the one. And one by one, he is bringing those who are His home. Glory to His name!!

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