Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 2/23/20 – Little Reminders

Hello fellow Weekend Writing Warriors. Welcome back. I have given you a glimpse of Deborah, of Aaron, and Carter; the three central characters of Little Reminders of Who I Am. I want to give you one more glimpse into this novel before I move on. Here is a small exchange with Deborah and her parents, whom she calls Mom and Pop. As before, I begin with the Synopsis of my novel to give you some context.

Deborah Davies is the daughter of Darren and Angela Davies. They own a diner that has been in the family for several generations. After one of their crucial employees moves on after graduating college, she assumes his role. She quickly earns the attention of; her parents, who want her in the family business, instead of the accounting job she works across town; Aaron Stephenson, a food critic who seems to want more than the daily special; and Carter, a local vagabond who seems to have a unique interest in her life. But Deborah has a secret. And once it is revealed, it changes how she reacts to family, love, and coming to grips with her past.

Here are my eight. I look forward to your comments. (okay, this one is a bit above the limit. It being dialogue makes it longer than normal. And I wanted to complete the though here.)

“Oh, Pop, I don’t need or want a relationship right now. I’m way too busy.”

“Relationship? Who said anything about a relationship? He just asked you on a date?”

“Who asked who on a date?” Mom said, coming out of the kitchen.

“Mr. Stephenson asked DeeDee out,” Pop explained.

“Who?” Mom asked.

“The Aaron boy, he sits next to the display case during lunch. He works over at the paper.”

“Oh, the tall young man. He has brown hair and brown eyes.”

“Yes, that’s him, he asked Deborah out, and she said ‘no.’”

“I didn’t say ‘no’ Pop. And his eyes aren’t brown; they are green.”

“Aha,” said Pop, slapping his hands together and pointing at her. “So, you do like him. Like him enough to know what his eye color is.”

“I never said I didn’t like him. Yes, he is attractive, but I’m not looking for a relationship.”

Pop threw his arms up in the air, “Here we go again with the relationship.”

Deborah sighed.

I really hope you enjoyed these snippets of Little Reminders. On Monday, February 17, I submitted the Final Draft to my publisher. You can follow all the updates as to when Little Reminders will be released on this website as well as my Facebook Author page.

I also have many other items of interest: blogs, articles, and other books of interest as you can see from my Home Page. Thank you for your comments and support.

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 2/23/20 – Little Reminders

  1. This conversation had me laughing. I love a story with a lot of conversation woven in, and I agree with Teresa. It’s so natural sounding. Great job!

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