Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 8/23/2020 – Untitled WIP

We are back Weekend Writing Warriors for another snippet from my Untitled Work in Progress. I would love to have a title for this project, but I have not gotten that far with it yet. I haven’t even visited it for the past month. I feel a bit guilty. I have been a bit side tracked though. I do want to thank those of you who have delved into Little Reminders of Who I Am. I appreciate the support. If you haven’t yet I encourage you to pick up your copy today!! Just ask our host, she has first-hand insight.

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Now we can get to what you came for. This week’s snippet. Last week we left Masters and Grady entering the building where the crime scene took place. Seeing that Masters made friendly with the officers at the door, Grady feels a bit better about his tardiness and his boss’ demeanor upon his arrival. Let’s see what is behind door number one this week.

Here is where we left off :

“Thank you, officer,” Masters said, then slapping him on the arm, “as you were.”

Guess he does have a sense of humor, Grady thought following close behind.

“I’m with him,” Grady said with a slight chuckle, but got no response.

Lieutenant Daniel Masters is a 27-year veteran Savannah Georgia Major Crimes Detective. He has seen many crime scenes like the one he saw last February. Little did he know this one would change his life. Grady, the newest addition to his team, is the first to see the abnormalities, but will the rest of the team listen in time. There is a serial murder on the loose in South Georgia, and for some reason the killer leaves their final victim alive right before committing suicide. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before its too late and the next killer strikes again.

SNIPPET: —I skipped a few paragraphs that described the trip down the hall and up the stairs. Did not want to burn a snippet on scenery details. We pick up with our two detectives hearing an argument as they come up to the apartment door, an older sounding woman who was not happy and an officer.—

Masters stopped short of the door and turned to Grady, rolling his eyes, the first real acknowledgment of his presence. He rapped on the door and didn’t wait for a response. “Lawson, where are we at?”

Lawson was standing in front of an older woman with shoulder-length black hair in a purple Mumu. She was about the height of his shoulder and was pointing into his face practically on her tippy toes. The other two officers were standing near the window back in the corner of the apartment, both with grins on their faces, trying not to laugh.

“Lt. Masters, this is Eunice Keppler, she is the owner. She would like this apartment vacated as soon as possible,” Lawson explained calmly, but with his face red and fists clenched tight.

***Well Fellow Warriors that is this week’s snippet. But we cant leave poor Lawson and Masters hanging like that, so here is a bit more of this scene.***

“Who was the tenant, Mrs. Keppler?” Masters began with the landlord.

Mrs. Keppler blushed with the newcomer, immediately her tone of voice changed, “First of all it’s Miss, I’m not married, Lieutenant…”

“Oh, brother…” Lawson muttered, flapping his arms to his side.

Miss Keppler continued, walking toward Masters, “…and Mr. Nelson is my tenant, now that he is diseased, I need to vacate this place so I can rent it out.”

“Yes, of course Miss Keppler. But Mr. Nelson is not diseased, nor is he deceased, they were able to save him, he is on his way to the hospital now. And when he is up and ready to come back, he’s gonna want a place to come back to. So please take care of this place for him, will ya?”

Not sure what to say, her old nose crinkled; Grady saw she facing an internal debate. Was it worth missing a month or two of rent for the chance at this hunk of man before her to give her a call? She looked him up and down, and that crinkle gave way to a mouth full of teeth, much more than he expected. “I s’pose I can hold it for a bit. But I need to eat too. Can’t pay my bills when my tenants ain’t around to pay theirs.”

“I completely understand.” Masters said.

“What if I need to reach ya’?”

Masters grinned over to Grady. “My partner is going to give you a card, if you have any questions give him a call and he will get back to you, as soon as he is able.”

Sense of humor and a bit of a ladies man to boot, who knew. Guess the card thing could be a punishment for his tardiness? And yes, I know, I know, the crime scene already. We are there I promise. If you are new to following this feed, and you are a bit confused because you have read of a death, the victim lived and the criminal committed suicide by cop. More to come. The two officers here have all the details…

I have also created short cuts on my update page for the novel that has the links to all the WWW snippets I have posted if you want to catch up if you have missed any.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 8/23/2020 – Untitled WIP

  1. Love the dynamics between the characters. Suggestion: Switch the Mumu and the black hair in your sentence. Maybe it’s just me but I almost spit out my coffee picturing a long-haired Mumu!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHA!! Yes, thank you!! And I just fixed it. One of the things we all see with a WIP, the interesting finds like that. Well, it could’ve been like a go-go dress… you never know. A whole new twist to the novel.


    1. Yes, very interesting given the circumstances and the setting. Not too sure if I am making too light of the situation here with this scene or not. We’ll see how it plays out.


    1. Yes, as I had mentioned with Ian, in adding a bit of levity to this scene, I was wondering if it will take away from the gravity of a crime scene. It is brief and is intended to lend a level of awkwardness to Masters and Grady’s relationship; a moment of quick bonding. This novel gets moving fast and there is no time for relationship building. So a moment like this is what these two characters needed.


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