Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/28/21 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – The When and Where

Hey Weekend Writing Warriors. It is another week. I was so busy with work and NaNo that by the time I got around to even thinking about posting a Snippet, it was too late. Sorry for that. But I am back this week with a dose of the spiritual with Carter Jennings. I made good progress the last couple of weeks. While the novel is not complete, I did manage to cross the finish line of NaNoWriMo and reach the 50K mark. I’m sitting at 54K as I write this. My aim is still to complete the book before the end of November. So I need to finish this WeWriWa post and get back to it.

Have you ever gotten into your writing only to feel like a scene or like the overall feeling of the book is dragging. I hope that is not the case. I have felt that way, but when I go back to read over it, or have another reader go over it, they say it doesn’t. I suppose that as writers our concept of time is slower because we are writing it and that IS a slower pace than reading it. We will see how it goes once I hit editing in January.

Well thanks for letting me vent. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this post. I know there are many other Warriors you need to look over. Have a blessed week friends and I pray you had a wonderful holiday and are recuperation from family and food.


I am still working on an official Synopsis for this novel. — The book is about Derrick Anders (I had to change the MCs last name this last week.. It was Stephens, it is now Anders. It is most likely a place holder until I can come up with something that sounds as good as Stephens did. 😀 I remembered that Aaron’s last was Stephenson. Now we cant have that…) He is a college student who works in a bookstore. He is struggling with school, work, and a recent loss in his family. So, he has little time for friends, much less a love life in spite of a coworker, Breonna, who has her eyes set on him. I am still working on an official Synopsis for this novel.

Carter has been sent to bring them together, just as he was sent to bring Deborah and Aaron together in the first installment. There will be obstacles on their road to getting together. A couple of missed opportunities and an unexpected bump in the road for the one responsible for their connection. He may even need an old friend to help him get back on track.


Little Reminders of Who I Was begins with a Prologue. It is roughly three years after the events of the first book, Little Reminders of Who I Am. As I mentioned, it is somewhat of a sequel. Not so much following a storyline, but the Carter character. He is on a new assignment, with the aforementioned Derrick Anders. We open the book, as the first book did with Carter receiving his assignment.

Here is a little bit from our last time:


“I told you. Just follow the instructions and place them as He leads you to place them. Same as always. Other leadings will follow. You know how this works.”

“What’s the catch,” Carter asked, lowering his hat. “What do Aaron and Deborah have to do with this case?”

“Who said they did?

“You did. Why would you bring them up if they had nothing to do with this case?”

“Okay, you got me,” Gabriel sighed. “When was the last time you visited Houston?”



“I’m going back to Houston?”

“As the Lord directs,” Gabriel said “Well, not Houston directly. A bit further south; a city called Sunnyside. But your assignment works in Houston.”

“A he this time?”


“It’s about time,” Carter sighed, “It will feel good to be back building some male camaraderie. I have you, but no offense, you’re not someone I can sit and watch a baseball game with.”

“None taken. I’m a football fan anyhow.”

“Heh. I should have known. Saints, right?” Carter said, elbowing Gabriel.

Both men laugh.

“Okay. Let’s get back to the task. How long?” Carter asked.

Gabriel looked up at the crisp sky, then to Carter, “Two months. Your first placement needs to be done tomorrow by twelve-thirty. Other than that, you are free to place as you see fit.”

“Tomorrow in Houston? ‘He’ realizes we’re in Seattle, right?” Carter said.

“You let Him worry about the details. You just accept the assignment.”

“Understood, boss,” Carter said with a salute. “Anything else?”

“Be prepared for anything,” Gabriel’s voice dropped to a tone that inflected ‘pay attention’. “Remember, God is in control. No matter what happens, know that He is with you and will see you through any struggle you face.”

Carter nodded as he stood. He picked up his shoebox and bid his visitor farewell.

Seems like Gabriel knows something we don’t. Let’s hope that Carter picked up on the forewarning and recognize the first sign of trouble.

This Snippet concludes the Prologue. We will see how my week goes, I may be back next week with a bit more. The first chapters are a bit jumbled in my opinion as I was laying the groundwork for the novel. I may need your help in organizing my thoughts.

See you next week fellow warriors. And I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/28/21 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – The When and Where

  1. “Saints, right?” That got an LOL from me. What a great scene, Jeff! Just adore these characters that you’ve made come to life (or afterlife?). Can’t wait to read more.


    1. Yeah, I did give a little levity to the angelic characters this time around. They were serious with their last meeting in the first book, for certain reasons. I wanted to show some growth in the character and a bit looser than he was with his equal.


  2. The snippet was fine although I havwe to say that going back and forth from the slightly comedic view of angels (joking about football) to a more serious tone is a bit jarring. I think usually a novel strives for one or the other ‘voice’ consistently but I’ll definitely be looking forward to more snippets.


  3. Off topic a bit but I went and looked at the previous book on Amazon and noticed the reviews talk of a bittersweet ending and the romance not turning out the way they expected. In the romance genre the one absolute and unbreakable rule is that the book MUST have a Happy Ever After ending. It’s a romance reader expectation. It’s a marketing/promo issue to be aware of, not meant as a criticism of the book! If the book doesn’t have such an ending you may want to categorize it as Women’s Fiction or Christian Fiction or whatever categories fit instead but NOT romance.


    1. I will discuss this with my publisher. They categorized it. There are several romance novels that have bittersweet endings. Nicholas Sparks comes to mind. Thank you for your input. It means a lot to me.


  4. Gabriel’s hint sounds ominous! Intriguing snippet.

    And I’m very close to finishing my first draft too. Not Nano, I’ve been at it since last Christmas, but I had similar feelings that it was dragging, and yet when I re-read it last weekend I didn’t get that same sense. It does help to take time out to view the work as a whole rather than in scene-by-scene close-up.


    1. Yes, I had that feeling when I was writing some of the dialogue sections of my previous novel. But upon rereading it that feeling went away. I think it’s just the slow pace of writing sometimes gives it that illusion.


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