Weekend Writing Warriors – 12/5/21 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – Derrick and Breonna

Good afternoon Warrior clan. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It was fairly quiet over here. We usually have a house full, but only had one guest this year, my mother-in-law. And she had to be at a friends later in the day. So we had an empty house by 3. I don’t think that has ever happened here.

Well NaNoWriMo 2021 is officially over. And I am glad to say this novel did cross its finish line. I completed just over 70K words. Now it will sit on the shelf until January, then I will begin edits. Ideally, this will carry over into next year given I have a novel due out in May. Not sure if the publisher will allow more than one per year. I will see when I submit my pitch to him.

I wish you all the best on your writing endeavors. Thank you for reading my shippet and for your constructive advice. One thing I love about you is that you are not afraid to tell me if something sounds off. I appreciate both sides of input.


I am still working on an official Synopsis for this novel. — The book is about Derrick Anders. He is a college student who works in a bookstore. He is struggling with school, work, and a recent loss in his family. So, he has little time for friends, much less a love life in spite of a coworker, Breonna, who has her eyes set on him. I am still working on an official Synopsis for this novel.

Carter has been sent to bring them together, just as he was sent to bring Deborah and Aaron together in the first installment. There will be obstacles on their road to getting together. a couple of missed opportunities, and an unexpected bump in the road for the one responsible for their connection. Carter may even need an old friend to help him get back on track.


Here is a little bit from our last time:

“Understood, boss,” Carter said with a salute. “Anything else?”

“Be prepared for anything,” Gabriel’s voice dropped to a tone that inflected ‘pay attention’. “Remember, God is in control. No matter what happens, know that He is with you and will see you through any struggle you face.”

Carter nodded as he stood. He picked up his shoebox and bid his visitor farewell.

OKAY HERE WE GO WITH THE NEW SNIPPET: I am going to jump ahead a few paragraphs into Chapter One.

Derrick turned down the Crime Fiction aisle and placed the final book of his returns on the shelf. He turned around to see a dark-haired grin staring at him. Derrick sighed. “Hey, Breonna.”

“Hi, Derrick,” Breonna said, handing him a copy of L.A. Confidential. Keven Spacey and Kim Bassinger stared at him. He looked at it as she continued, “That is not the original cover. They redid it after the movie came out. The novel by James Eloy was written years before the movie came out.”

“Is that right?” Derrick said. He had heard of the movie and knew the actors but could care less there was a book about the film.

“Yep. Most of the books in section have been made into movies. The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, and I’m sure you know almost everything by Stephen King is a movie nowadays.”

Derrick nodded and placed a couple more books on the shelves, even one by Stephen King; The Gun Slinger. He didn’t ask Breonna about it because he didn’t want a lecture about the old west or a Siskel and Ebert review. “That’s interesting. You must love books to know so much.”

“You know me,” Breonna shrugged and smiled, which Derrick had to admit was pleasant. “Well, I gotta get back to work. Talk with ya later.”

Derrick returned to the front counter and finished his day with a couple more Mr. Johnsons but more Patty Clawsons, making his job tolerable. Every now and then, Breonna would pop her head around the corner to say hello, taking returns for restocking, more books that customers second-guessed themselves on. By closing time, his size 12’s hurt, and his mind was exhausted.

Here we are introduced to the MC, Derrick, and Breonna a co-worker. You can see that Derrick particularly doesn’t care for his job. But he bears it. As stated in the ommited paragraphs, he works it to pay his bills. While a college student, most of his fees are covered through scholarships he earned. But you can also see hints of maybe an interest in Breonna. We shall see where this goes in future snippets.

See you next week fellow warriors. I also include updates and share a bit more in detail on the novels page. Hope you are getting your home all dolled up for Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 12/5/21 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – Derrick and Breonna

  1. Interesting snippet although your hero is hard for me to relate to at the monent, not liking books LOL. No idea who “Mr Johnson” or “Patty Clawson” might be…customers of a certain type or? Was “dark haired grin” which makes no sense supposed to be dark haired girl? I know it’s a draft still, sorry not trying to pick on it! Congratulations on finishing NaNo!


    1. He is reading off the computer screen based on regular customer status and a loyalty card. Perhaps I need to convey that more clearly. Thanks for your input again. 🙂 And the ‘dark-haired grin’ was a play on words. Guess it didn’t come across too well. It was a different way of writing ‘the girl with dark hair and a grin’ Just trying to be different.


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