Weekend Writing Warriors – 6/19/22 – The Transference – Next Course of Action

Hey Weekend Writing Warriors. I told ya I would return the week The Transference went live. Well, that day has come. The Transference has finally hit the shelves. So, in celebration, I am sharing one final snippet with you and the links for you to hop over to Amazon so you can grab yourself a copy.

As a reminder, The Transference is a Suspense Crime novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo2020. It has traveled a long road. Most of you know how much I’ve been through with this novel. Now, it is finally a weight off my shoulders to get it out to the public. And a blessing. I pray you love it as much as I loved writing it.


Detective James “Grady” Gradiosa, is a Savanah Georgia detective who is a recent transfer from Atlanta. He is placed under the charge of Lieutenant Daniel Masters, a gruff 27-year Major Crimes veteran. They are handed a case that will change their lives. Grady is the first to see the abnormalities. But will the rest of the team listen in time? There is a murderer on the loose in South GA. For some reason, the killer leaves their final victim alive just before committing suicide by cop. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before it’s too late and the next killer strikes again.


Here are your final eight plus a bit more Writing Warriors:

A bit of set-up: They have just discovered another body and Grady has been contacted by Sophia Thoran, the one committing the murders. The group is meeting in the squad room after hearing the message left by Thoran on Grady’s phone. They are discussing their next course of action.

Grady hated to ask them to do what they had been doing the last couple of weeks. The very thing that led them to strike out and to rush to the body of their latest victim. She had been a thirty-year-old yoga instructor the neighbors labeled a recluse, and no one knew she had been murdered until the ambulance showed up.

“We keep our eyes and ears open,” Grady looked down and took a breath. “I’m sorry. It’s the best we can do. I’m not happy about it either. I understand the risks.”

“Yeah, another person has to die,” Branson said.

“You don’t think we understand that, Branson?” Masters said, raising his voice with an extended hand.

Branson lowered his head and took a breath, “There must be something we can do.”

“If you have any ideas, we’re more than happy to hear them,” Masters said, sitting upright, arms folded.

Branson didn’t have any ideas. Nor did anyone else. Thoran had them. The team could only wait for her to make her next move on the name on her list. While Grady’s mind was waiting for the grand finale on April first, he was still determined to do all he could to save the next person. Even though he feared it would be a lost cause. He said a silent prayer to calm his spirit.

“I don’t want whoever is out there to die any more than you do, Branson,” Grady explained. “But if we’re out there instead of in here, we have a greater chance of saving the next victim. All we can do is wait. Unfortunately, waiting is the game we have to play.”

Branson looked to the ground and nodded.

“C’mon, partner,” LaCrosse said, tugging at Branson’s sleeve. “I know a good coffee shop we can set up. We can drown our sorrows and have a danish or two.”

Grady watched Branson and LaCrosse head out of the squad room. He exhaled and sat at his desk, opening up the latest two case folders. Masters came up behind him.

“And stop letting Branson get to you. His little remarks don’t need to get under your skin. You’re above that. We’ve gone over that,” Masters said.

“He didn’t get to me,” Grady smiled. “He got to you.”

Masters was silent for a moment, looked at the gate, then back to Grady. “Okay, you got me there. He’s been negative since he started. I’ve let it slide, but now it matters. Guess I’m just beginning to notice how irritating it is. Thanks.” Masters said, rubbing the stubble on his face.

“My pleasure,” Grady said, standing and patting Masters on the shoulder. “I want to be out there too. You’re my ride so let’s get going, boss.”

Okay, Writing Warriors. That’s the final peek into The Transference. I hope you will do me the honor of picking up a copy now. The Amazon link is below. It is in paperback form right now, the eBook and hardbound forms are coming. It was just released on Thursday and the various versions roll out in waves. It usually works this way.

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  1. Finally, it’s One Click time! This scene is giving me a push to hurry in that direction. Congrats on the release, Jeff and may the sales be with you!!

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