Elissa Celebrates Christmas is Coming!!

Hey Writing Community. I am asking for your assistance. I am nearing the tail end of my Crowdfunding campaign for Elissa Celebrates Christmas and I am a bit short of my goal. I could really use some support. A shout out, share, or retweet on whatever social media platform we share would be wonderful. A pre-order purchase would be even greater. I figure we all know a child or grand child (or those who have them) who would love a book to read. And a book where the character talks to them by name? That would be icing on the cake.

If you are not familiar with how Crowdfunding works, it is when an author and publisher work together on a project, setting a target number of books in order to print the books. They market the book to the public and get people excited about the book. Our target is 25 books. We are currently at 14. So you can see how I need my fellow author’s assistance. We have less than a week to campaign.

Elissa Celebrates Christmas is my current Children’s project. This is the fifth book in my Elissa Series. I am currently working to get it into reader’s hands. This requires funding. Now, I am not looking for anyone to financially fund the production of book itself. I am looking for those interested in the book to pre-purchase the book. This funds the book’s production. So, getting the word out about Elissa is what I am seeking. This is where you, as my friends and colleagues, enter the picture. I need to spread the word about this project. Below is all the info about what Elissa is about.

Elissa Celebrates Christmas Synopsis

Elissa wakes to see Francine and her family decorating a tree. She learns that this is called a Christmas tree. Francine tells her about it, then tells her the story of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. She also explains that Christmas is about family and giving gifts to the ones you care about. When the family opens gifts, Elissa finds that there is one for her, but she also learns that family is the greatest gift of all.

Elissa’s Bonus for Purchasing a Copy

Everyone who pre-purchases a copy of the book during the crowdfunding campaign will have their name, or their child’s name, appear in the back of the book. As an added bonus, anyone who buys two or more books will be able to have the book printed with a Child’s name, and a personal message from Elissa appear on the front page of the book. This will be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

Elissa Has a History

This is not Elissa’s beginning. She has a long history. This will be her fifth story. She has been around for five years. Her last book was a Thanksgiving story. You can catch up with her here. She has stories that deal with friendship and prayer.

Here is a brief snippet from her latest adventure, Elissa Celebrates Christmas:

Elissa is a curious snail. Today she and Francine are playing dress-up. Francine is wearing a pair of wings and a tiara. She’s a fairy princess. Elissa is her trusted aide. With a scarf around her shell, she is slithering around her aquarium, pretending to run errands for the fairy princess Francine.

“That was fun, Elissa,” says Francine. “What shall we do next?”

All the pretending has made Elissa’s little tummy grumbly. She slithers over to a pile of leaves. She closes her eyes, prays, and begins munching away.

“That’s a great idea,” says Francine. “I’m going to see what mommy has for lunch.”

When Francine comes back, she has something in her hand. “I don’t know if snails like cookies, but this is called gingerbread.” Francine sets a piece of the cookie on Elisa’s rock.

Elissa slithers over, sniffs it, then smiles. “Thank you, Lord, for this snack, Amen.” Elissa prays and eats every bite. 

“I knew you’d like it,” says Francine. “Gingerbread is a Christmas cookie. Do you know what Christmas is, Elissa?”

Elissa nods her head. She knew exactly what Christmas was. It’s the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Elissa loves the story of Christmas. The shepherds in the fields, the angels, the Wise Men with their gifts, Joseph and Mary, the manger, and best of all, baby Jesus. 

“Daddy is getting a Christmas Tree with Timmy,” says Francine. “After dinner, we will decorate the tree.”

Elissa’s curious look made Francine laugh.

“Have you ever celebrated Christmas, Elissa?” asks Francine.

Elissa shakes her head. She knew the part about Jesus but had never celebrated it with a family like Francine’s. 

That’s a little bit from Elissa Celebrates Christmas. Look for its full release in mid-November. But I need your help to get there. We need 25 people to pre-purchase the book through the Crowdfunding program. If you have little ones, this is a wonderful children’s book for them, or if you know family or friends with children, pass this on. I also encourage you to share the Crowdfunding link. I am on all social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Please share it on your platforms there. Exposure would really assist me in reaching my goal. Thank you, Weekend Writing Warrior family. You are amazing.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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