Little Reminders of Who XX XXXXX XX XX

Hey everyone. Yes, there will be a follow-up to Little Reminders of Who I Was. Of course, it must be a trilogy. The title is already chosen. I’m just not ready to reveal it. I believe I have hinted at what it is, I just don’t remember where I’ve done that. Probably somewhere in my snippets for Who I Was.

Not a word of this book is written yet, just some amazing ideas swimming in my head and a few notes in my Notes app. This plans to be the best Reminders yet. I’m excited to write this one. But I’m in the middle of writing The Five Barred Gate II and it will have to wait until that’s complete. I’m shooting to write this during NaNoWriMo in November 2022. It is May at the time of writing this intro, so we shall see what becomes of TFBG2. I will keep you posted below.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. You are amazing fans. God Bless

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