Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 3/1/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

Okay, Weekend Writing Warriors, here we go. You have gotten about as far as I am willing to go with Little Reminders of Who I Am. Maybe I will give a few more the closer we get to the release date. Keep your eyes on my website for updates.

Now it is time to introduce you to my published novel The Five Barred Gate. It is available for purchase below this snippet, just above the comment field; the link is to my Amazon Author page. It can also be purchased directly from me be by going to my Home Page and scrolling to the bottom of the page. The benefit of direct purchase is that you will receive a signed copy.

The Five Barred Gate was written during NaNoWriMo in 2016. If you don’t know what that is, I will make it brief. It is the National Novel Writing Month. It is the yearly challenge that goes out in November to write a 50K word novel in a month. Check it out here. I have written both of my novels through this challenge. After writing it, I sat on it. Then finally got serious, as I am sure many of your book stories go, so I’ll spare you details and get to the snippet.

First, I will give you the synopsis because the cover of the book can be a bit misleading. It appears at first glance to be a horror novel. But I can assure you it is not. It is a Christian Suspense novel. It involves current events and the ‘what if’s’ if the world keeps on going the way it appears it is going.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Non-Offensive Movement in the United States became federal law? What would happen to the freedoms guaranteed to us through the Constitution? This is the story of Jacob Andrews. He is faced with the decision to follow his heart and disregard what the law says about how he should live; even if it means his life.

Now that you have a bit about the premise of the novel, here are my eight:

“Well, people need to toughen up. All of this feelings hurt garbage is making me sick.”

Eric didn’t respond.

“Tell me more about this infamous speech,” Jacob said, breaking the silence.

“I was preaching about repentance,” Eric began with a sigh. “‘Only God can save. Nothing or no one else can save a person, not even the government,’ was the central theme. I didn’t say that with the intent, but speaking against the government, as you know, is illegal. I knew that, but it’s what God led me to say. Apparently, there was a plant in my congregation. Word got back to Edwards, and I was arrested and put in here.”

I will have more from The Five Barred Gate next week. Thanks and I look forward to your comments.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 3/1/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

    1. Yes, it is. In this book, free speech is limited. Laws have been passed where it is illegal to offend people, especially those in authority. Certain people have taken it to an extreme. It is a very interesting read. If you really want to know how this turns out for Jacob and Eric, The Five Barred Gate is on Amazon and available on my Home Page. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Diane. It was crazy to write. I wrote it back in 2016. Way before a lot of the headlines we are seeing now. Many of the things in the book are slowing coming to pass. It is eerie.


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