The Transference

Detective James “Grady” Gradiosa, is a Savannah Georgia detective who is a recent transfer from Atlanta. He relocated after his wife, Elizabeth, was promoted with her real estate firm. He is placed under the charge of Lieutenant Daniel Masters, a gruff 27-year Major Crimes veteran. They are immediately handed a case that will change their lives. Grady is the first to see the abnormalities. But will the rest of the team listen in time? There is a murder on the loose in South Georgia. For some reason, the killer leaves their final victim alive just before committing suicide by cop. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before it’s too late and the next killer strikes again.

Abbreviated Snippet:
Detective James “Grady” Gradiosa, is a Savanah Georgia detective who is a recent transfer from Atlanta. He is placed under the charge of Lieutenant Daniel Masters, a gruff 27-year Major Crimes veteran. They are handed a case that will change their lives. Grady is the first to see the abnormalities. But will the rest of the team listen in time? There is a murder on the loose in South GA. For some reason, the killer leaves their final victim alive just before committing suicide by cop. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before it’s too late and the next killer strikes again.

9/16/2021: My final read through is complete. Now the boss is reading through it for the real test. So far she has found a couple of mistakes I had missed. I am glad to have her as my cheerleader. Don’t know where I would be without her support. It also helps that she is a reader. So, she points out the minor mistakes; extra words, missed capitalization. and misspelling, as well as anything confusing to her. This will be the most polished work before it hits the editor that I have ever had.

I will be glad to get this to their Editor. When it is in their hands I hope we can get an earlier release date then next May. My head aches having to wait that long. This one I am more anxious to get out than I have ever been about a book. I really want to start to promote it, but with a release date of May, a huge promotion now would be senseless. I talk about it, but to try and promote now, people would forget it in six months. But between now and then I plan to slowly build up to it. I use the hashtag #TheTransference when I can do other things so it just doesn’t pop up one day.

Another reason I want to get it to them is to get a cover. That will help with promotion. I want Carolyn to come up with something again, but she says she wouldn’t know where to begin with this one. Once you read it you will understand. OR see the cover they come up with. I do hope she overcomes her painters block, I would love for her to become my permanent cover designer. That would be a great partnership.

8/20/2021: Finished the final edit at the end of last week. Started the final read through this week. Didn’t get as far as I would have liked to this week. Smoothing off the final edges was not as easy as I anticipated. I am trying to read this as a reader would and I am finding where the snags are, then smoothing them out. The main issue is there are areas where this book can get a bit confusing and I am trying to eliminate this. The main issue is with one character. I am trying to make him unique, but in doing that I feel I have made him too complicated. I know this because on the read through, even I am having a difficult time understanding him. So, if I am struggling as the Author, you will be lost as well. So I am simplifying his language. I just hope I don’t overdo it. I want you to be entertained, but not lost. Well, back to it. Have a great weekend.

8/5/2021: Reached the halfway point today on my editing. Making greater progress than I thought. More thanks to my day job is slower than anticipated. Boo on that part, because I need to work, but Yay that I get to get this to my publisher that much sooner. Maybe even get the release date bumped up. Who knows. Would be nice. That is my thought with getting the edits done quicker.

Editing has been back and forth. Fixing the things that I wanted to the first time. It has been an adventure. My iron has been hot and I am loving every minute of it. Writing is one thing, but editing is another. I am one of the lucky ones. Many writers do not like the editing process. I enjoy it, it is fun for me. I think it is also part of my meticulous nature. It is MY baby and no one else is going to touch it but me. 😀 😀 😀

Well back to getting these words in the order I want them in and getting this book into your hands to read. Thanks again for your support and prayers.

7/26/2021: Well here it is. The acceptance email. It is official. Well semi official. I still have to sign the contract and send it back. I am waiting until I finish the edits and email them back to him to do that. It will be official in my mind then. The end of August I would assume. Depends on my client jobs on how long it will take me to do my final edits.

I am excited to have my third novel published. I’m waiting until editing is completed before I even consider what comes next. I have a journal full of ideas to pull from, so the book is there, I just need to pull it out of storage. In case you didn’t know about that journal or where my ideas come from, it is a journal of my dreams. Yes, my novels are based on dreams I’ve had. All three novels so far. So, keep an eye out, soon a new novel idea will pop up. Hopefully mid September. Definitely by November…that is when NaNoWriMo is.

7/21/2021: First four edited and submitted. I will keep you updated the status of publication and production dates. I am excited for this one. It is far different than what I have ever written. Now begins the process of a full edit. My goal is to edit a chapter a day amidst the schedule I keep of writing job. If I do not have a task, editing will be the job I do.

Wish me luck.

7/19/2021: Today I finally completed the first draft of The Transference. Oh my am I exhausted. I cannot believe it is finally finished. It has been well over a year, according to this thread, a year and five months, since I began penning this novel. In case you have forgotten it began as a crazy dream I had in 2019 (As all my novels do) I wrote it down and sat on it. I felt the impression that I had to do something with it, but with the subject matter did not feel I could write it. But the feeling kept nagging at me, so I began penning it. The Transference is a much darker novel than I have ever written. But that is not to say that is doesn’t carry the Christian theme I have devoted to, it does. It just approaches it in a different fashion. I believe this is one of the reasons it took me so long to write.

So now I begin the editing process and I now prepare to submit it to WordCrafts Press, my publisher. How it works is I edit the first four chapters, then submit a proposal to them. They give me the green light and I complete the full edit and I submit the final copy when it is completed. I hope to have this done by the end of the year. I don’t see it taking that long, so I really hope to have this on the shelves by the end of the year. The only delay that would take place is on the publishers end. With COVID, who knows how long that will be.

I appreciate everyone’s support and prayers through the writing and completion of this novel. I could not have gotten through it without you. God Bless and now I must turn the page and find the next project. I have a journal filled with dreams and it’s time to find the next adventure.

7/9/2021: Another two chapters written and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, now I just have to bridge the gap. I know the ending, I just have to solve the issue of getting to where I am now to there. My issue right now is that I have too much time between now and then on my hands. I have an even that needs to occur between now and the ending, but too much time for it to occur in. I don’t like time hopping too much, I like smooth transitions. And to do three of them in a row would be too choppy. (I just did a small one to get me to where I am right now in the book)

I haven’t gotten any word about a new task from my client, so I will spend the rest of today (Friday) writing, unless Carolyn wants to go out, and then tomorrow as well. Hopefully I can get to the finale by then. I just want to get this completed and into the editing phase. I have spent over a year writing this book when normally I can knock out a book in two to three months.

Here’s to the best for Grady and his team and the ending of The Transference. Have a great weekend everyone.

6/22/21: I though I had written an update since my last one, but I suppose I haven’t. I have written many Weekend Writing Warrior snippets giving the first four or five chapters of the novel. Maybe that is why I feel I have updated this page. As for a summary, here is what happened. Yes I have switched MCs. Daniel Masters is no longer the MC. Grady assumed the lead in a hostile takeover. Well, maybe not so hostile. He belonged there. It is funny how things happen that way. The longer I wrote the story, the easier it became to leave him in the driver seat.

I attempted to complete the novel during NaNoWriMo 2020 but suffered a pretty big seizure that took me out of play for well over a week. I barely recovered in time for Thanksgiving. I was not even able to complete NaNo. I almost did. I was 5K shy of it. I am still struggling to complete this book today. However, I do feel it is one of my best yet. Although I said that about Little Reminders. I guess it is my best from a different angle; a Crime Mystery. I just completed Chapter 27 last night, and beginning Chapter 28 once I close this entry. Wish me the best, and thank you for your continued support.

8/25/2020: ****I an considering switching MCs. As I am writing this my focus has been on Grady. And it feels more of a Grady novel than Masters. I have written an alternative Synopsis. And am toying with it. I am in the middle of chapter eight now and I cant seem to get the focus back on Masters without a complete rewrite.****

8/9/2020: I hope you have been enjoying the snippets of this still yet to be titled novel through Weekend Writing Warriors. If you have not seen any of them, you can follow them through my WeWriWa blog tab. I started with Chapter One and haven’t skipped a beat as of yet. Not sure how much I will put up yet, but as of right now I am at chapter two. I may go as far as three. Who knows. Please go check them out, and let me know what you think!! Links to them all are in the 7/18 post below.

7/18/2020: I have started to share snippets of this novel through Weekend Writing Warriors. I had shared enough of The Five Barred Gate and with the release of Little Reminders coming soon, I didn’t want to share any of that novel any more. I have grown accustomed to sharing through that forum, so I decided to share a bit of this work in progress. So you can get a taste of this journey by following my snippets at the links at the bottom of this post. And I guess there is no need to send me any of the above snack-filled bribes… the Synopsis is included in the preview.

I haven’t really written much in the book lately. I guess this release was another motivation tool to get me to write in it as well. To get me excited about it. I am excited, but have yet to sit down and pen anything. I have fallen into the trap of television again. Instead of writing I’m bingeing on shows. I have caught up on two of them, thanks to the COVID shutdown, and finished a show that was recently canceled. Now I need to find something new to watch… or get back to what I am supposed to be doing in my spare time, finishing this novel.

Here is the link to the snippets:

Work in Progress Blog Archives

5/29/2020: Well you would think with the time I have on my hands I would write more. But I find myself not too motivated to write. It’s not that I don’t want to get into a new novel, it just lacking the desire to get started. It is much like exercising; you know that once you get started you’ll be fine, it’s just the getting started that is the difficult part.

Another thing is that the last time I sat down to pen some words for this piece, I was blank. Not a word came to mind. I did not know where my characters were going and I was not sure how to get there. Sometimes all I need is a thought, or a step, that will get me going. But I have not sat down with the purpose of writing in this novel.

Another reason is that I don’t want to get to far ahead of myself. My plan was to write a new novel every November during NaNoWriMo. And to get too far into this would be cheating the process of the contest. I have my base, and I can sit on it until then, but ideally, I could have it completely written by then if I applied myself. Its only going to be June. We shall see. Maybe one day I will get that one spark of inspiration and knock this one out and be onto the sequel to Little Reminders in November.

4/21/2020: I have been doing so much research for this novel, wanting to make sure I gave accurate information and not leaving some with crooked fingers or twisted noses because I try to play a situation with expertise I do not have.

I have learned a great deal, just enough to know somewhat of the subject I am speaking about, but of course I will not be an expert, and there will always be one to say, “that’s not right or how its supposed to be” but I go back to, this is fiction and some stretches of the imagination and truth are warranted. That is where this story and character are going to go.

I now feel I can begin to write again within this story. And look forward to getting back into it, although I do remember how difficult it was to write because of how dark this novel was, is, and will be.

3/16/2020: In pretty much of a stall pattern right now as I do a little bit of research on my topic. I kinda jumped into writing this from the hip. I had a bit of an outline written and I did not get as in depth as I usually do. I went with more of a pantster mindset. Now I am having to double check a few things before I move on.

Currently, I am in the middle of chapter six. As I have said, some of my Google searches are going to have people concerned about me should they ever see my history. I have also connected on LinkedIn with a couple of Forensic Scientists. They post photos of blood splatters an analyze them. It is very interesting.

3/1/2020: I am 4 chapters in and I have a working title, but not ready to reveal it. Still chewing it over. Probably will for another chapter or two. Need to get past a couple of events to see how it works; to see if it still fits. So far it fits with the overall arc of the premise and with both story lines in the book. So, we will see.

I am somewhat getting over the darkness of the book, then again I haven’t really written any of the really dark scenes yet. I will let you know when it comes to that. So stay tuned.

Another aspect of this piece that is building is the character count. Other than the two main characters, there are now an onslaught of secondary. But this being a Crime Thriller, there are going to be other officers to deal with. And I will reveal that this band of officers will resemble a Chicago PD style team. In fact, when you read it you my find some similarities. I will try and limit them and do my best to be as original as I can. But I couldn’t resist but make the desk Sergeant like Platt. Especially the attitude. So with that I pay homage to the show.

2/23/2020: This is my new work that I began working on today. I actually began with the concept about six months ago. Yes, this is based on another dream. And once I reveal the premise and synopsis, some of you will question my sanity. But I feel this will be a very interesting piece and one of the most odd things I have ever written.

It will also be one of the most darkest pieces I have ever written. I am not sure at this point were the Christian element will come into it. But I know it will surface at some point. (See, I already have some of you intrigued.)

It has yet to be titled as I only have one chapter written. But follow this tab and I will have updates and will let you know about ideas I have had and eventual titles. Maybe even a snippet or two.

I will give you this much. It is a Crime Drama. That is right now the best description I can give it. I would like to say it is a Christian Crime Drama, but like I said, I am not sure how the Christian aspect will enter into it at this moment.

So pray for me that God directs me in how to approach this work and give glory to his name in such a difficult genre to write in.

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