The Five Barred Gate II

What I have right now is that this will take place 20 years after the events of The Five Barred Gate.

5/27/2022: I’ve been busy editing The Transference lately, but finished that today. I glanced over here and realized I hadn’t updated you on the progress with this novel in a while. Well, I am about eight chapters into it and making progress. Well, until I received the final edit on The Transference from Mike, my publisher. So I dove into that and went over it to approve and go over what changes I wanted to see. But you can read all about that here. The Five Barred Gate II is making progress. It is almost June, and I am still deliberating on how I want to progress with this. I can slow and steady it and just write it over time because I definitely want to write Little Reminders III during NaNoWriMo in November, or I can quickly write it to finish it before then. I am still not in a writing mood to get neck-deep into this story. I have it in my head, it just isn’t flowing yet. So prayer is one thing I covet from you. It may seem like a small thing, but writing is basically my job now, so I need to be focused on this to get it completed. Thank you, my friends. God Bless.

5/1/2020: Wrote into a new chapter since I last posted. Got over a dry spell. Work has kept me busy and with no energy to write in the evening. That and I have been busy building my social accounts. I think I may be spreading myself a bit thin. I am on many platforms now. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, I am now building on Medium. Juggling them all is exhausting. I try to work with Hootsuite to balance the noise. It helps with posting. but following up is crazy. I just need to get beyond the need to respond to every post. Especially on Twitter. If I would get beyond spending time there I could write more. Write this book more.

4/16/2022: Okay, the gap I realized I goofed up and created is now fixed. I am seven chapters in and feeling good about things. I am getting ideas left and right and throwing them into my journal. If these are truly for this book, I am getting intrigued about its direction. And nervous for my characters. Writing is hit and miss, I have been restructuring my website and seeing where I am going personally. After our revival services, I have been challenged to get deeper into speaking His name through what He has given me. And to stop hiding in the shadows of Jeff S. Bray Author. I think this may be something Michael may have to face as well, or even Jacob as well. I can use my journey to help write this book. I just hope I won’t have to experience what I plan to take my characters through.

3/14/2022: Well another month has gone by. If this had been NaNoWriMo, this book would have been written by now. Interesting, right? But I am oddly four chapters into it. It is going by a bit strange. I started a chapter only to realize my dates were off. I had mentioned a court date that was set only to realize that it was set for the next Monday and I had a weekend to write about. Heh. Go figure. Well, that helps because I can do some character building during those few days. And set up how Michael behaves and connects with his children. It also gives the opportunity to introduce Jacob and Ranae back into the mix. So I am excited.

2/14/2022 – I will give you a little bit of an update. I have found my nemesis. I am excited about that. He will be hidden for about half of the novel and pulling strings to make Michael’s life miserable.

The novel will open up with Rachel, Micheal’s wife being arrested. For, of course, breaking a Federal Speech Law.

I am still disputing with them having twins or just a single child. I am currently writing twins, but don’t want to clutter the novel with characters. Just at the time I began writing it, twins felt right. Even the names roll off the tongue. So for now, I will write it that way.

The main character will be Michael Andrews. He is now 24, the son of Jacob and Renae. He was two years old at the time of the first novel. Michael is married with two kids, a boy, and a girl. His wife, Rachel is the granddaughter of Frank Dunham. He is the owner of the restaurant in the first novel and part of the original group that met.

The laws will have gotten stricter. Many amendments have been added to The Federal Speech Act. People are now quicker to turn someone in when they are offended. This has especially affected the religious community. Churches are sparse, even Our Saviour’s Cross, the church that was in existence at the end of TFBG has disbanded and gone into hiding again.

That’s a quick bit from what I have so far without going into spoilers. Just to say that I will be diving into the action quick.

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