Little Reminders of Who I Was

Yes everyone. There will be a follow-up to Little Reminders of Who I Am. Keep an eye on this page for all the updates and maybe even an excerpt or two. I am excited to bring you a follow-up to Little Reminders and the adventures of Carter Jennings. This time around Carter is helping a young man, Derrick Stephens. I am leaving who he is a mystery at this point. But that is the fun part. Stay tuned for updates.

12/3/2021: Here we are just a few days past NaNoWriMo. I am happy to say that the book is complete. I can already see where it will need work. As I have stated, I feel like it drags in portions. I will see what that looks like come January. Why January? I like to separate myself from the book for a bit. If I went ahead and started to edit now, I feel my mind would not be as clear or mindful of what needs to be done with it. A month off clears my mind and I should be able to see more clearly for editing.

I also don’t see this project being released in 2022. I already have The Transference hitting shelves in May. I will learn more as I get deeper into editing and submit a query to my publisher. It’ll give me plenty of time for revisions should they be needed.

Thank you for all your support. Your words of encouragement and prayers have meant a lot. And the advice I have sought has been taken to heart and I hope I deliver in this project.

11/27/2021: Wow it has been a crazy journey. NaNoWriMo 2021 goals have been hit. I reached 50K in Little Reminders of Who I Was this past week. The book is around 56K right now and I am on the downhill slope to completion. I aim to complete it by Tuesday the 30th. At least that is the current plan. “Barring any unforeseen circumstances,” I will be popping the champagne on Tuesday night.

I’m still not quite sure where I am at with this one. I love that I got back in touch with my old family; Carter, Aarron, and Pop, but it was different this go around. I guess it’s from, as I have said before, I just came off of writing a Crime Thriller and the action-paced adventure that was behind the writing is not in this book. I’m at the final Reminder right now, and the pace should pick up a bit, because Derrick, the MC, is piecing it all together. This is where it gets fun.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and did not overwhelm themselves too much. I know I will need an extra workout to shed what I ate. I’m still eating. Our home was less filled this year, by half. So there are scads of leftovers. Y’all are welcome to drive on over and have a turkey or ham sandwich and chit-chat. — God Bless and have a great weekend. I will update when I have this puppy completed.

11/12/2021: I am so sorry fans. I should have been updating you here as to my progress. I have plumb forgotten about this page. So much to tell you. As you well know I am writing this novel during NaNoWriMo. I am currently halfway through on word count. 25K. And things are getting interesting. Yes, old friends have returned, and we are meeting new ones as well. I have never been so excited about writing a novel. But then again I said that when I was writing The Transference. This is a different type of exciting though. I am visiting old friends here. I hope to live up to Little Reminder fan’s expectations. Yet, you don’t really need to have read the first novel to appreciate the second, it isn’t that type of sequel. In fact, I don’t even call it a sequel, I call it a follow-up. A sequel gives the impression that you do need to read the first to understand the second. True, you will appreciate and understand Who I Was a little better having read Who I Am, but it is not necessary.

As revealed before, Carter has his hands full. I love writing him, he is my favorite character that I have ever written. And as I have revealed on Twitter, I do believe there will be a third installment. I think the third will be titled Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be. That is tentative of course. It will somewhat be futuristic for the MC. Sorta like an It’s A Wonderful Life type of story. But that is just a wandering idea I had while considering making this a trilogy. It just played on the titles: Who I Am, Who I Was, Who I’m Going to Be. Again, just playing with words and thoughts. We shall see. But that wouldn’t be written until next year, maybe not until 2023.

I will try and remember this page to update you. If you want to read a little bit of it. I am sharing bits and pieces of it on my blog page through Weekend Writing Warriors. I think I only intend to release the Prologue to the book. It will trickle out, as the site I am releasing on only allows an eight to twelve sentence portion per week. So get a sneak peak over there. This will begin on Saturday, November 13th.

9/21/2021: I have written Character Dossiers on two characters: Derrick Stephens, my MC and Breonna Greene, a secondary character who will be a potential love interest for Derrick. Let’s just say she is definitely into him. With both of their lives mapped out, I will need to develop my side characters. I have a room mate for Breonna; Derrick lives alone. I need to develop a buddy for him. Then there will be maybe a side character or two. And as stated earlier, maybe an appearance from LRWA alumni.

I know NaNoWriMo is still a month and nine days away, but I couldn’t help myself I’ve already written the Prologue. It begins much like the first book, a meeting between Carter and Gabriel. Through the conversation it is revealed that five years have passed since the events of LRWA. Carter has not been back to Houston since then and is excited to make a return; he likes the Library there. What Carter does not know is there are secrets that Gabriel is keeping from him about his new assignment. This will be the basis of the new book, and a reflection of the title, Little Reminders of Who I Was…..Oops, did I reveal a little too much?

9/1/2021: I spent time writing the plot outline today. I am really excited now. So far this will take place roughly five years after the events of Little Reminders. Carter will be the Main Character(MC) for the most part. The story will center around his failed assignment that was alluded to in the first novel. The one that many of you probably had questions about that was never really answered. Well, now you get your answer. The Secondary Character will be a man named Derrick Stephens. He will be Carter’s assignment. How he ties into his past failed assignment, I may get into as we get go. As I am writing this, I will have more posts like this and I will give you updates. Keep an eye on my FB page for posts with links to this page. Thanks for reading and your support.

8/25/2021: I will have updates as I get them myself. I just know that my mind is working on this as I write this post. I am still in the process of editing The Transference and I promised myself, one piece at a time. So no working on this until that is submitted to my publisher.

I will tell you this much. The story will follow Carter, the angel who assisted Aaron and Deborah. He will be on another assignment. Who knows, maybe we will see Aaron in this book. Perhaps even Pop as well. I do have a plot in mind, but it is at this point just an idea. I will keep you posted and maybe even a Synopsis developed before I begin to write.

Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoyed the first installment. If you haven’t read it… Why not??? HA! Well, there is still plenty of time. I most likely will not begin this project until later this year. As I wrote the first installment during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), that is my intention this go-around. That is during November. So, if all goes well, Little Reminders II will be written this year. As for it’s release, that is another issue. With The Transference not being released until May 2022, We may not see it until 2024.

Thank you for your support. I love all of you and could not do this with out your prayers and well wishes.