The Five Barred Gate

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Non-Offensive Movement in the United States became federal law? What would happen to the freedoms guaranteed to us through the Constitution? This is the story of Jacob Andrews. He is faced with the decision to follow his heart and disregard what the law says about how he should live; even if it means his life.

The Five Barred Gate is available on Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased The Five Barred Gate and made it the huge success that it was. While it has cooled down a bit since its release last year, we can see across the headlines that this Non-offensive movement is much more prevalent than when I began writing this novel. It is crazy how much freedom we take for granted.

We need to stand guard and be wary of spiritual freedoms. It may not be so evident, but through the guise of causing offense to another, our ability to worship freely and speak out about Jesus can quickly slip away.

We need to be ready. We need to be prepared. We need to understand what it means to stand up for our faith. That is what this book is all about–learning to take a stand, no matter what the cost. I encourage you, if you have not already, pick up a copy and check it out today.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray


2/18/2022: It has been two and half years but The Five Barred Gate is getting a follow-up. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I even attempted to write something about a year ago then shelved it. I came to the conclusion that it would have to be years later, decades even because I wanted to center the book around Michael, Jacob and Renae’s son. And to do that I would have to take the future into consideration. I mean how much worse would the laws have become? Stricter? More lenient? Well after living another two years and seeing our own direction, I have received my answer. And I am ready to pen this novel.

You can read all the updates to The Five Barred Gate II here.

12/7/2019 – Secured a booth at Pleasanton’s Merry on Main St. I partnered with Carolyn and her friend Jamie. Carolyn sold her paintings and Jaime has a small business, Unique Dreams. She creates and sells Dream Catchers. We had a lot of fun and each sold quite a bit of our product.

11/7/2019 – JISD Food Locker event and book release for Elissa’s Thanksgiving book also offered TFBG books. Was able to meet many fans. Was a blessing.

10/2/19 – Our local paper did a write up on TFBG.

9/20/19 – Next Thursday, September 26th – An Evening with Author Jeff S. Bray at Charlotte Public Library.

9/4/19 – The Five Barred Gate is officially released. Get your copy on Amazon and other Booksellers online.

8/27/19 – PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE FIVE BARRED GATE!! It is available on Amazon! For now, only the hardbound copies are available. The paperback should be available soon, as well as the eBook version.

This is beyond-words-awesome. Praise God!!

8/23/19 – Final edits are complete and the book is in the hands of the publisher for final vetting. Hardback books should be available for pre-order by the end of the week. Official release date is September 4th. Keep an eye out, you may be able to order it before then!!!

7/23/19: Got the proof today from the publisher for the cover you see above. It is different than the original that Carolyn had painted for me. The publisher wanted a broader audience to market to and felt that our design would limit us to a YA audience. I am grateful for the effort my amazingly talented wife put into her design, it will now be one of the easter eggs found when someone, somewhere asks, “what was the original cover design for The Five Barred Gate?”

Release date is set for September 4, 2019

4/26/19: It is official. I am under contract with WordCrafts Press for The Five Barred Gate. Everything was finalized today. Now the waiting game begins. God is Awesome!!

4/22/19: Spoke to the publisher on the phone. We have agreed to terms of the contract. I should sign later this week. We are seeking a September release date. I will keep you posted. Praise God!!

4/19/19: Yesterday I received a response back from WordCraft Press:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png


3/9/19: Today I submitted the final draft of The Five Barred gate to WordCraft Press. Keep me and it in your prayers.


2/15/19: WordCrafts Press, publisher for Sara Harris, enjoyed my proposal letter of TFBG. I look to submit by March 15, 2019.

Screenshot_2019-02-15 Fiction Proposal - The Five Barred Gate - Jeff S Bray - jeff s bray gmail com - Gmail

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