Elissa the Curious Snail



Hello Everyone.

I’m Elissa the Curious Snail. I am cute, snaily, and curious about the world around me. When I meet Francine, the little girl whose parents own the garden I live in, my adventures will take me beyond my small garden and out into places no little snail has been before.

Elissa the Curious Snail is a big hit!!

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Elissa the Curious Snail – Elissa the Curious Snail Book 1

Elissa is introduced to the world. Elissa wants a better view of the yard she lives in. She sees a tree branch and knows it will give her the perfect view. This story is about her adventure to reach the branch, the obstacles that stand in her way, and how she overcomes them through prayer.

Elissa the Curious Snail was selected for a Firebird Book Award in the Children’s Religion category.

Elissa Meets Francine – Elissa the Curious Snail Book 2

The second book in the Elissa the Curious Snail Series introduces Francine, the nine-year-old red-haired girl who lives in the house where Elissa’s yard is. Francine finds Elissa in her mom’s flower garden and brings her inside the house. The two quickly start a friendship that is the basis of the series.

Elissa Finds a Home – Elissa the Curious Snail Book 3

The follow-up to Elissa Meets Francine is actually a sequel. It takes place the following morning. Mom and Dad are not too happy about Elissa being in the house. But prayer once again is effective for both Elissa and Francine and they are reunited in a special way.

Elissa Learns About Thankfulness – Elissa the Curious Snail Book 4

The fourth book in the series finds Elissa joining in on the family festivities. She still visits the garden now and then, and this day she is talking to a few of her outdoor friends. She is discouraged by some of the things she sees them do that she can’t. She begins to pray that she could learn to do these things. Through a family scare she learns to be thankful for who she is and the things she can do.

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