Elissa the Curious Snail


Hello Everyone. Meet Elissa the Curious Snail. She is cute, snaily, and curious about the world around her. When she meets Francine, the little girl who’s parents own the garden she lives in, her adventures will take her beyond her small garden and out into places no little snail has been before.

Elissa the Curious Snail is a big hit!!

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Elissa the Curious Snail
Front Cover
Elissa Meets Francine
Elissa the Curious SailElissa Meet Francine
Elissa the Curious Snail on AmazonElissa Meets Francine on Amazon
Elissa the Curious Snail on Barnes and NobleElissa Meets Francine on Barnes and Noble
Elissa Finds a Home

Elissa Learns Thankfulness


Elissa Finds a HomeElissa Learns Thankfulness
Elissa Finds a Home on AmazonElissa Learns Thankfulness on Amazon
Elissa Finds a Home on
Barnes and Noble
Elissa Learns Thankfulness on
Barnes and Noble

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