Jeff’s Picks

No man is an island. I would not be where I am today if it were not by the grace of God and the people he has placed in my life. The success God has allowed me to experience is their success. Thanks to all of you. I have created a page on my website that gives my colleagues a shout out and links to their work. Check each of them out and support their calling.

You Ain’t the Boss of Me – Vlog by Jeremy White

I have had the privilege of knowing Jeremy for the past eight years. We met when I began working in the oilfield. It is a complex world filled with the world. He was one of the few men of God I found. We had a lot in common and quickly became good friends. Through the progress of time, we also began to hold each other accountable in achieving ones dreams. God has used is friendship to lay a path for my success.

Sara Harris – Author

I met Sara last year at a book signing she was having at the local city library. I was preparing to release my first Elissa book and wanted to meet with her and to get a feel of the world of writing. Seeing a small South Texas writer making it was an inspiration. She is an great person and an amazing writer. Click the link above and check out her work.

Bonniejean Alford – Author

I have known Bonniejean forever. We were friends back in High School. Even then I knew she had a gift for writing. But much like me, life got in the way and neither of us ever really tried to get involved with full time writing, it was a hobby. But after seeing her eventual success and determination has helped me light the fire under my behind. For the last three years we have been writing accountability partners. She had pushed me when I needed that external push, and will be forever grateful for it. It is tough to encompass every passion Bonniejean has. She is a Author, has a Podcast, is a motivational speaker as well as a teacher.

June Smith – Artist, Chair SuitsĀ® Home Furnishings Designer, Art Teacher

When I worked in the Insurance Industry i had the opportunity to work with June. She was a great agent and could sell ice cubes to a Penguin in Antarctica. In fact, I remember her colder weather aspirations; she wanted to live in Alaska. I am not sure if is still a dream of hers, maybe when she retires. She is now an Art teacher for a local charter school. When not in the classroom, June is an artist and Home Furnishings Designer. She is the creator of Chair SuitsĀ®. You can see, and purchase, her creations at the link above. You can also see her Art boards and witness her creativity an passion for working with children. I am always inspired when other artists I know succeed at their passion. To see a friend pursue their dreams gives me inspiration that I can accomplish what I set out to do.