Moments for the Heart

Moments for the Heart was founded in 1997 by Jeff S. Bray. The ministry began as a compilation of poetry he had written in High School. In 2008, a blog under the same name was launched. Today, Moments for the Heart has blossomed into a multi-leveled freelance enterprise.

Jeff has twenty years of experience which includes writing blogs, poetry, and short stories. In August 2017, he had a a featured article about fatherhood published in “The Lookout Magazine.” He has a series of children’s books published, the first was released in June 2018. There are four in the series. His first novel, The Five Barred Gate was released in September of 2019. His second novel, Little Reminders of Who I Am, was released on August 12, 2020.

He keeps a personal blog and has written a blog for GOD TV, Jeff also writes Children’s short stories for Isabella Media. You can see these on the Short Story Writing tab.

Little Reminders of Who I Am is available on Amazon.

Elissa the Curious Snail – Signed Copy

Elissa Book 1 ($1.65 tax and $3 shipping included in price)


The Five Barred Gate – Signed Copy

Hardbound ($2.84 tax and $7 shipping included in price)