Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 2/9/20 – Little Reminders

Hello fellow Weekend Writing Warriors. Welcome back. I had a dilemma whether to continue on with the eight or to give a different eight from somewhere else in the book. However, given that the continuation from last week can be found as an excerpt on my FB page, I will give something new. If you missed last week’s you can find it here. As before, I begin with the Synopsis of my novel to give you some context.

Deborah Davies is the daughter of Darren and Angela Davies. They own a diner that has been in the family for several generations. After one of their crucial employees moves on after graduating college, she assumes his role. She quickly earns the attention of; her parents, who want her in the family business, instead of the accounting job she works across town; Aaron Stephenson, a food critic who seems to want more than the daily special; and Carter, a local vagabond who seems to have a unique interest in her life. But Deborah has a secret. And once it is revealed, it changes how she reacts to family, love, and coming to grips with her past.

Here is my eight. I look forward to your comments. (There may be an extra sentence here.)

(Aaron is conveying a story Deborah’s Mom is telling him)

Deborah, determined to win the battle, made her counteroffer. It went back and forth a few times, ending with Deborah winning – just under double what the vendor had initially asked. But that was just the beginning. After they packed up, they had stopped to adjust the stack and saw that the person whom Deborah was at war with was one of the vendors. She had been hoodwinked.

Aaron laughed. Apparently loud enough for Deborah to hear.

“Oh, shut up,” she shouted back at them. Which only made him and Mom laugh harder.

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Elissa the Curious Snail Series

8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 2/9/20 – Little Reminders

  1. Well I wouldn’t be dealing with that vendor any more…not sure why her mother is sharing a story that embarrasses her…a snippet that raises questions for the reader is a good thing though, keeps them turning the pages!

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  2. Interesting snippet. So Mom tells stories that embarrasses her? If this isn’t unusual, she shouldn’t feel humiliated. Is this time different? I’d turn the page to find out. Good job.

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    1. Ahh, the dilemma of it all. Why is this story being told and what the setting in which it is being told? All the more reason to pick up the book. 🙂 Thank you for your compliment, Diane.


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