Can Our Vacation Involve Doing Nothing Together?


How many times have you longed for a moment of rest? How many times have we wished for just more time with our families? Have the words “I would do anything for just one moment away…” ever passed your lips? What did anything mean to you? What cost were you willing to pay for just that moment of peace from the hectic schedule of your day? Well, if you look around, many people are paying that cost right now and falling on one of two sides. Either they are enjoying the rest, or they are freaking out over the situation.


Don’t misunderstand, I fully grasp the gravity of the situation; people are separated from or have outright lost their jobs. But I go back to the cost of what we would do for a moment’s rest. The issue is that everyone’s wish was granted all at the same time. Disastrous, perhaps, but happening nonetheless. Just as any event that occurs in life, we can do one of two things: Cash in our chips and give up or play the hand we are dealt.

The Unknown Future

Throughout the past couple of weeks, you can feel and see tensions mounting on Facebook. I am not aiming to get into a political debate, but two sides are throwing rocks, and neither side is being heard. They are completely missing the point of the whole thing; no one really understands what is going on, and the powers that be are afraid of the unknown and of making dire mistakes that could have repercussions for years to come.

The Gambler

Regardless of what is going on in the political sphere, there is something some people are getting lost in. They are missing the big picture—playing the hand that is dealt to them. Look at the tremendous opportunity that lies before them. This is where the other side of the aisle comes in; the other posts I see on Facebook. These are the players that ignore the hole cards and decide that they are going to make the most of a two eight offsuit.

An Unexpected Vacation

Are people’s hours being cut, laid off, or losing their jobs? Yes. Are people hurting? Yes. But, some are treating this as an unexpected vacation. Time they can spend with their families. Kids are home, parents are home, families are together. I see more “family time” photos on my feed than I have ever seen. Movie time, kids cooking with parents, working in the yard, crafting, doing absolutely nothing… and enjoying it. While some people are spouting off about how they are caged in their homes, others are rejoicing that they get this secluded time with their family.

The Mirror has Two Faces

It is interesting how the same situation can fall on two people, and each can view it in opposite fashions. It is the glass with the water all over again. Again, I don’t want to make this political, and I do understand what is going on, but we must take what is going on and make the most of it and agree that our families need us to be present. What will they remember ten years from now? I guarantee they won’t remember the pandemic. They will remember the time they spend a month at home with mom and dad, not able to go to school. Will they remember mom and dad spouting off at the computer, or will they remember mom and dad teaching them to bake cookies or to work on a car?

Where Will You Stand?

I urge you as you go forward, take a look at what you are filling your feed and children with. Are you making the most of every moment? I know your job may be in limbo. You may be searching the want ads right now. But that does not mean you can’t take a moment to make the most of where you are at. Life’s hand does not mean it is at an end. You move on; life goes on. You will get through this, you’ve done it before, right?

Right now, enjoy this brief respite that you have been given. That “what I wouldn’t do for” has been given. Not the most ideal way, but here nonetheless. Make the most of it, and enjoy the rest: hug your kids, play with them, do nothing together with them. Spend alone time with your spouse; that alone time that you have neglected for so long. Now that you both have that time. Use it. This time can be the season where families are strengthened if you let it.

And if you were planning on finally reading an article that wasn’t titled COVID-19, take a look again at the title… carefully. 😊

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

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