Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 6/7/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

Welcome back Weekend Writing Warriors. Last week we closed the book on Jacob and Renae, leaving many questions. I hope it left you wanting more and with the desire to pick up a copy of The Five Barred Gate to discover who Jesse Durrant is and to see how far Edwards will go to with his corruption.

This week I am going to jump ahead just a bit. If you remember from previous weeks, Jacob and Eric had a meeting discussing the state of things in the world. As our Synopsis below explains, it is illegal to be offensive. Eric has a small band of believers, which now includes Jacob, that has gathered together. They are determined to take a stand in spite of the growing opposition to Christianity.

This is where we pick up this week:

The Five Barred Gate Synopsis:
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Non-Offensive Movement in the United States became federal law? What would happen to the freedoms guaranteed to us through the Constitution? This is the story of Jacob Andrews. He is faced with the decision to follow his heart and disregard what the law says about how he should live; even if it means his life.

SNIPPET: ( just a bit of background. Jacob, since his release from custody, has picked up a job as a runner for Carrolton Auto Parts. Mills Motors is owned by members of Eric’s small band.)

Since it was after hours, it was quiet at Mills Motors, but Jacob was surprised to see a couple of familiar cars pulled along side of the building, including Frank’s Chevy and Eric’s Ford. He looked around for any sign of unwanted company as he walked up to the entrance. The bell sounded as he entered, and Jessica [Mills] walked out of the back office to greet him. “Howdy, Jacob. We were wondering when you’d get here.”

“I waited till the end of my shift. Didn’t want to deliver and run.”

“Wonderful. Then you can join us in the back. Service is about to start.”

“Really? Just in time then.”

***Well Mighty Warriors that is this week’s snippet. Thanks to the new relaxed setting, here is a bit more.***

Jacob followed Jessica to the back. Frank and Roger were up against a rack of tires that lined the wall. Eric sat at a makeshift podium normally used for service ticket writing, scribbling in a book. He glanced up and said, “Jacob! So glad you could make it.” He came over and gave him a handshake and a hug.

“How have you been, Eric?”

“Good, good. God is good,” he said with a smile. “I understood your message yesterday. We had to cancel last night’s meeting anyhow. Edwards’ Denali was parked outside my place. A gray one was sitting outside Roger’s parking lot, and Frank was out of town. He just got back this afternoon. I called everyone here for a quick emergency meeting. It appears they are somehow gaining inside information on our meetings.”

“I believe I know how,” said Jacob.

* * *

Edwards is back and still up to no good. But how does he know what this band of believers is up to? Do they have a traitor in their midst? Why would Edwards be concerned with these two ex-prisoners so much? And what does Jacob think is going on? More to come next week. Stay tuned.

Cant wait until next week to find out more? The Five Barred Gate is available for purchase on Amazon. Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle versions are available. The link is also at the bottom of this post.

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In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

The Five Barred Gate is Available on Amazon

Elissa the Curious Snail Series

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