Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 6/14/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

Welcome back Weekend Writing Warriors. Thanks for returning this week as we moved into a new scene of The Five Barred Gate. We introduced many new characters. Eric’s band of believers have begun to meet together. Jacob is among them. Under the guise of making a delivery, he joins their meeting this evening. We learn that they were to meet the previous evening, but the meeting was spoiled by none other than Edwards and some of his men. If you have read previous snippets, you can make some assumption as to who they are.

We also learn that their meetings may have been compromised, but how? Jacob may have some answers in this week’s snippet, so let’s get to it.

Here is where we left off:

“…I called everyone here for a quick emergency meeting. It appears they are somehow gaining inside information on our meetings.”

“I believe I know how,” said Jacob.

The Five Barred Gate Synopsis:
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Non-Offensive Movement in the United States became federal law? What would happen to the freedoms guaranteed to us through the Constitution? This is the story of Jacob Andrews. He is faced with the decision to follow his heart and disregard what the law says about how he should live; even if it means his life.

Jacob explained his conversation with Renae.

“Wow,” Frank said. “Whodda thought we were all that important? I mean, don’t these guys have bigger fish to fry? Why dedicate all these resources to us?”

“Guys, I am afraid for Renae,” Jacob confessed. “I want your permission to bring her into our group. I feel we could better protect her if she were part of what we were doing.”

“Is she clean?” Frank asked.

“Yes, she is innocent. I know it in my heart…”

***Well Mighty Warriors that is this week’s snippet. Out of kindness and the new relaxed setting, here is a bit more.***

“…Edwards is using Jesse’s relationship with her to get to Eric, but she knew nothing about it until I brought it up.”

“What I’ve seen is good enough for me,” said Eric. “Feel free to bring her by anytime. But be careful.”

“Always,” Jacob said. “Speaking of caution, I assume that’s what these are for?” Jacob handed Roger the box he brought in.
* * *

So, what exactly did Renae find out? Maybe there is some hope for her and Jacob after all. But what is Edwards really after, and what does Jesse have to do with it? Haha… and what is in the box??

Cant wait until next week to find out more? The Five Barred Gate is available for purchase on Amazon. Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle versions are available. The link is also at the bottom of this post.

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In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

The Five Barred Gate is Available on Amazon

Elissa the Curious Snail Series

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  1. Hi Jeff,

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    I need to tell you I can never read these emails because the print is a light yellow green and I can’t make it out.

    Unfortunately I have to delete them because of that. I definitely want to support your writing, so is there a way to fix that? Maybe its not just me, and others might have the same problem, which would negate your communication efforts.

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    1. Hey June. I appreciate the feedback. I am not sure how to fix it for iPhone users. I have been told about this error before. It works fine for Android and desktops users. The only problem I have heard is from iPhones. I am sorry you cannot view it and I am looking into a fix. Thank you for your comment and your support.


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