Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 7/5/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

Welcome back, Weekend Writing Warriors!! Happy Fourth of July. Before we begin, I want to thank all the men and women out there who have served on our military that have made this day worth celebrating. God bless you and God Bless America!!

Next, if you are reading this today, thank you for taking the time from the burgers, hog dogs, fireworks, and festivities to check in on our gang. It means a lot to me that you are concerned enough to see what happens next in their story.

We are picking up right were we left off. Jacob and Renae have just picked up the flyer to get printed for a service he and Eric have planned. A few questions are out there, let’s see what can be answered this week.

Here’s were we left off:

Jacob hurried to the car and hopped behind the wheel. “Miss me?”

Renae laughs, “Let’s go, Romeo.”

The Five Barred Gate Synopsis:
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Non-Offensive Movement in the United States became federal law? What would happen to the freedoms guaranteed to us through the Constitution? This is the story of Jacob Andrews. He is faced with the decision to follow his heart and disregard what the law says about how he should live; even if it means his life.

Only Delores was at the ISD. Everyone else had gone to lunch. “I’ve been expecting you, Jacob,” she said as she took the flyer. “It’ll only take a moment.”

“100 copies should do, Dolores.” Soon he heard the clicking and swooshing of the photocopier. And a couple of minutes later she returned with a stack.

“Here you go, hot off the presses,” she said.

***Well Mighty Warriors that is this week’s snippet. Here is a bit more to complete the scene.***

“Can I ask you a question? Is Eric Lassiter the same person who pastored Holy Cross before?”

“Yes, he is. Until…”

“It burned down.” Dolores completed his sentence.

“Right. Were you a member?”

“Not regularly. But I did go there a few times. Loved his preaching,” she beamed. “So, is this open to the public?”

“Everyone who wants to come is welcome.” Jacob peeled a few copies from the top. “Here you go, to pass around. And if you know of a good place to put one up, go ahead. The more the merrier.”

“I do know of a place. Not too far from where the church used to be. I know several who used to attend there. I’m sure they’d be happy to know Pastor Eric is back in the saddle.”

* * *

Okay, that was a bit more than I intended, but I needed to complete the scene. Well, we didn’t get to see much of Jacob and Renae, so what is to become of them, are they really reunited? This service seems to be interesting to people, it has created interest in a past follower of Eric, but he’s pastored before? Hmmm. More questions. Eric had a church that was burned down?

And that my friends is the end of this snippet. And I do believe as far as I am willing to take The Five Barred Gate. You already have more information into the book than I normally would like a reader to have. So y’all have the one up when you open page one. That being said, I encourage you to pick up The Five Barred Gate and finish Jacob and Eric’s story.

The Five Barred Gate is available for purchase on Amazon. Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle versions are available. The link is also at the bottom of this post.

You can also purchase direct from me by visiting my Home Page. There is a buy now link at the bottom of the screen. The benefit of buying direct is that you will receive a personalized signed copy. AND if there are COVID delays, you won’t have to worry about those since I have copies on hand.

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Fellow Warriors, I also have begun writing a weekly (okay, sometimes bi-weekly) blog that you see posted in between these snippets. Check them out and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

The Five Barred Gate is Available on Amazon

Elissa the Curious Snail Series

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 7/5/2020 – The Five Barred Gate

  1. The premise of this book is very important. I notice a very frightening, well-nigh Orwellian trend towards censoring speech these days. I will be the first to say that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. If someone says something awful, others are within their rights to call them out on it. However, responses these days are rarely measured and reading comprehension seems to have gone down the toilet. As Martin Luther King said following the assassination of Malcolm X, we have not learned how to disagree without being violently disagreeable.

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  2. Great snippet. I loved the detail about the photocopier sounds (reminds me of my office days- when we could work in offices). You always leave me with something to think about. For example, why are Eric’s faithful members of his (old) congregation in the dark about his whereabouts. Did he leave because of the fire?


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