Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 11/15/2020 – Untitled WIP

Here we are Weekend Writing Warriors, two weeks into NaNoWriMo, and I am half way there, 25K words. Although I am on pace with NaNo standards, I am far behind where I want to be. I am also a bit discouraged because I feel my characters are ahead of the game and am afraid that I will get to the big reveal before I am ready to deliver it. We’ll see how the next few days go and how I feel after the next couple of chapters.

Last Week in Review

Until then we rewind back to chapter four, where we are in our little world here in WeWriWa land. Last week Grady and LaCrosse searched Nelson’s vehicle and came up empty. And that blew Grady’s drug angle. Now we move into Branson’s search of the apartment.

Here is a bit from last week:

Nothing. No drugs, no money.

“So now what?” asked LaCrosse.

“Lock it back up and go see what Branson found,” said Grady trying not to let the defeat reflect in his voice.


Lieutenant Daniel Masters is a 27-year veteran Savannah Georgia Major Crimes Detective. He has seen many crime scenes like the one he saw last February. Little did he know this one would change his life. Grady, the newest addition to his team, is the first to see the abnormalities, but will the rest of the team listen in time. There is a serial murder on the loose in South Georgia, and for some reason the killer leaves their final victim alive right before committing suicide. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before its too late and the next killer strikes again.


The apartment wasn’t much different than it was twelve hours earlier. Other than the missing bodies, it was undisturbed. Branson and Mesa were in the back room discovering exactly what he and LaCrosse found in the car: that Nelson had no interest in drugs, he had no hidden stashes of cash, and there was no bloody knife to be found. Nettles, as the bearer of the bad news, pulled kitchen duty. A flashbulb could be seen every so often from his cataloging Nelsons collection of steak and butter knives.

Grady went to make peace, “Sorry, didn’t mean for you to have to go through all of this.”

“Don’t be. We have to cover every angle. It was good insight. Masters would have been set off if we had missed it. Good job,” Nettles said.

***That is this week’s ten, or so. This may be a little longer than normal, but here is the rest of Chapter Four. ***

“Need help?”

“Nope. Last one now.” Nettles said, popping off the last photograph. He wrote length, color of handle, and general type of knife on the bag and sealed the evidence bag. Then dropped it into a box on the counter.

Grady picked up the box while Nettles collected his kit.  “Thanks. And don’t worry about Branson. He’ll be fine. He’s always anxious around new badges, especially ones with experience.”

“So, I’ve heard.”

“I think we’re done in here, but I don’t think any of these blades caused those wounds. There are a couple of chopping knives, but they are as dull as Mesa’s jokes.” Nettles jested.

“I heard that!” called a voice from the hall.

Nettles laughed. Grady echoed.

“Forensics will still look at them though. No stone goes unturned. We’re that thorough.”

When they entered the living room, both Branson and Mesa were there with LaCrosse. Mesa had a box under her arm too. “A couple of hunting knives. Short blades tucked in a closet. That and a straight razor for shaving. Both doubtful, but we don’t leave a stone unturned.”

Grady looked around, then fixed his eyes under the coffee table. He could see the condition of Mr. Nelson when he entered the room. His mind flashed to the four other scenes. From what little he remembered, they seemed identical. What was he missing? The missing piece was here, staring him in the face. He looked at the chair where Tanner was sitting right before he chose to end his life. To the left and just behind the victim.

“What are you thinking, Grady?” LaCrosse asked.

“He’s thinking he sent us on a wild goose chase with this drug angle,” Branson said. “Complete waste of time.”

“Branson, shut up,” Mesa said. “What is this team’s motto. We don’t leave a stone unturned. So, take your ego and shove it. If Grady is part of our team, his ideas are going to be explored.”

Grady wasn’t listening to the exchange. He was over near the chair. He stood at the chair and took the steps that Tanner had taken to get into the position of his demise. Four steps. Four good steps, just about six feet. He looked at the chair again, then at his feet. Nettles had joined him, not really sure what he was looking at, but studying all the same.

“I have to get back to the station,” Grady said, his eyes darting around the crime scene.

“Why, what’s wrong,” Nettles questioned, exchanging glances with the chair and Grady.

“I need to see the older case files photos. Something is missing here.”

Well Warriors, that takes us through four chapters. They have come to a dead end on the drug angle, and maybe a dead end on the missing weapon. But Grady’s detective mental wheels are turning once again. He has spotted something unusual. It has to do with what he sees, what he saw, and what lies in the case files. Let’s keep this going next week. I’m not done yet.

Have a great week. I just hope I survive another week of writing and dealing with my characters wanting to get this novel finished before I am ready to finish writing it. Best of luck to you if you are undertaking NaNoWriMo yourself.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 11/15/2020 – Untitled WIP

  1. Definitely something is bugging him.

    And as for NaNo, well done on keeping up the pace, and I suggest not worrying too soon about the story not behaving itself. The whole point of NaNo is to get words onto the page. You know you’ll have a load to sort out to knock it into shape later.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. I was just worried about running out of story before I hit the end of the milestone. But I figured it out and the pace is much better now. 🙂 I had forgotten how demanding NaNoWriMo is. But I am absolutely loving every minute of it!!


    1. Thanks. Masters will evenutually call them crumbs. A team word of his that has reacently come to light in later chapters. I am excited about how this work is progressing and I have forgotten how much NaNoWriMo demands from a writer. But I am loving every minute.


  2. Glad NaNo is going well for you. It is for me, too. Maybe I’ll get that run down feeling by the end of the month, but for now it’s going more easily than I’d expected. I think that’s partly because there are so few distractions, thanks to Covid.


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