Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 12/20/2020 – Untitled WIP

Hey Weekend Writing Warriors. Wow, time slipped away from me and I nearly forgot to post this week. So it is Saturday Night, 6PM and I am barely writing my post. So, here we go. What an interesting week. Trying to get all the ends tied up for next week and complete a couple of writing projects for a client. It has been rough, but I got through it. Just finished up the job a few seconds ago and the little light bulb went on that said, well rather screamed, “Your WeWriWa post is not done yet and it should be posted already!!” So, without further ado, here we go.

However before I begin, I do want to remind that this post will wrap up Chapter Five and my postings for this Untitled Work. It will also be last post for 2020. I still will be participating and reading and commenting on y’alls stuff. I have a couple of books downloaded and ready to read, Learning to Love by our own Julie Evelyn Joyce is one of them. I’m a couple chapters in and loving it so far.

I am not sure what lays beyond for 2021. Only God knows what is in store for me as I have no current plans. I just want to get to feeling better at this point. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, support, and participation. Without further ado, let’s get into this final snippet of my Untitled work.

Last week we left off with Grady revealing that he believes there are links between the old and new cases. They are going to go examine the scene the next day to see if they missed anything.

“Well, it’s getting late, and we need the final forensic report on Nelson anyway. Then we’ll know if his wounds are consistent with these other cases,” Carmen said.

“Okay, everyone. Let’s call it a day. Meet back here at ten. We should have something by then,” instructed Masters. “Nettles, check those windows on your way in.

“10-4, boss.”


Detective James “Grady” Gradiosa, is a Savannah, Georgia detective who recently transferred from Atlanta. He relocated after his wife, Elizabeth, was promoted with her real estate firm. He is placed under the charge of Lieutenant Daniel Masters, a gruff 27-year Major Crimes veteran. They are immediately handed a case that will change their lives. Grady is the first to see the abnormalities. But will the rest of the team listen in time? There is a murder on the loose in South Georgia. For some reason, the killer leaves their final victim alive just before committing suicide by cop. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before it’s too late and the killer strikes again.


Grady began to gather up the case files and organize them according to the timeline. Everyone filed out, but Masters. Grady could feel his gaze, he was waiting for the room to empty before he spoke. “Night, boss,” Nettles said as he shut the gate and headed downstairs.

“You’re doing a fine job, Grady,” Masters said. “I may have come off rough, but I am just not used to having experience at my side. Atwater has been giving me nothing but first years for the last six months, I had expected nothing less when she handed you off to me. When she told me, you had come from up north, things changed. I worked with a couple of guys from Rampart, I know what they put you through, so that carries weight with me. But, with that respect comes expectations. So far you have performed well, just don’t screw that up.”

***That is this week’s ten. Here is a bit more to finish out the chapter.***

“I understand. I don’t plan to. Atwater has advised me just the same,” Grady admitted with a grin. He more thought of Carmen’s warning, but did not want to mention it and put her in the doghouse.

“Smart woman,” Masters chuckled, his eyes thinned, the first time he had shown an emotion other than the grumpy old man routine.

Grady looked at his stack, then back to Masters with an exhale, “There’s something here, I can feel it.”

Masters just grinned. “Go. Go home and see your wife while it’s still relatively early. We’ll see if that hunch pans out when we get Nelson’s medical records.”

“What about Tanner?”

“Tanner? Four shots center mass by a cop, and he was an ex-con; there won’t be an autopsy, at least not immediately. His death is obvious, suicide.” Masters said.

“We may need it. Could give reason to his state of mind of why he did it. Medical reason, perhaps?”

“Carmen did not see any medical records on him. And the Pen is pretty strict on keeping those records up to date and accessible.”

“Is that how Carmen got his name so quickly?” Grady asked.

Masters nodded. “Yeah, I took a drive up to Georgia State Prison last night after I left you. I have a pigeon up there. He helps me out when I need information, so I assist with his accommodations. He knows the biker circle fairly well, especially the ‘077s’, so I paid him a visit. Tanner was up there on a five to ten stretch, got out about a year ago after serving six of those years.”

“What was he in for?”

“Attempted murder,” Masters said.

“Interesting. Does your bird know where he went after he was released?”

“He laughed when I asked. But it makes sense. Why would a lifer keep tabs on a parolee’s steps, even if he could?”

“If he were to be given a job, that task could have been given from the inside?”

“From whom?” Masters asked.

“Your pigeon,” Grady said. “It’s not uncommon for an informant to play both sides. To give you just enough to keep you happy and to keep enough info from you to stay alive and under the radar of the group he is informing on.”

Masters rubbed his stubble. Something he may have not considered possible. He looked over to Grady through squinted eyes, Grady again felt studied. “Garrison would be in deep if he were to be playing me, and he knows it.”

“The question becomes, if this was a list of jobs, then what connection do all of these victims have, and the bigger question, why was Nelson spared?”

“A question we can begin exploring tomorrow. Now go home and see your wife.”


Interesting scene. Seems that Masters has been doing more behind the scenes than we thought. Well, the truth is that I wrote a scene with Masters going to the prison and his meeting with Garrison, but I cant seem to find it. Don’t y’all hate it when that happens; you write a scene or a chapter and it vanishes or gets lost or deleted. Well, Masters does reveal his experience and his reach also in this scene, as well as his building trust in Grady.

Well, Weekend Writing Warriors that about does it. We are wrapping up this round of Snippets from this novel. I hope you have enjoyed this peak into my Work in Progress. I honestly do have a working title, however, I do believe it gives too much away of what the book is about and rather than put it out there and have it change, I will keep it hidden to keep the mystery alive.

Thank you for following this journey and I hope to get back to it soon and get it completed and off to my publisher.

God Bless and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Talk with everyone on the other side. Until then, Please take a look at all my links below. Begin with the books I have available. They make excellent Christmas or anytime gifts. The links are for Amazon, but I do have copies on hand and if you would like something I do have copies on hand I could ship out. Benefit of from me is that they would be signed. You can message me on Facebook or Twitter.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 – 12/20/2020 – Untitled WIP

      1. Much bigger. But could be a few red herrings. As I edit, I am wondering if there are too many. But things do get narrowed down and Grady gets things on track. Thanks for all the support and feedback. See you on the flip side.


  1. Raises lots of good questions here, for sure. I get even if he goes home for the evening, he’ll keep chewing over the facts and the theories. He doesn’t seem like the type of detective to let go, even for the night. Great snippet!


    1. Yes, Masters was not the bear that he seemed or he had been rumored to be. Well, as Grady will find out later, Masters does have a reputation, and he does ask Grady to help him keep it up.


    1. Yes it is and I hope to continue to build their relationship. — Yes it was good. Not as planned, but good nonetheless. Looking forward to 2021. New opportunities and getting beyond what I feel is holding me back.


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