When the Stars Go Dim

I’ve dealt with this thought on numerous occasions. It has never been more prevalent to me than it has lately. As I peruse posts across social media, I feel inundated with challenges to my faith. Mind you, they aren’t challenging me personally, but Christianity as a whole. It pains me that so many fail to understand the reality of who God is and buy into the misinformation floating out there.

Starting Fresh and Anew

First of all, I’m not going to pretend to know all the answers. And I hope that I’ve never come across this way to anyone. I apologize if I have don’t that. I do tend to overwhelm some with how I feel about situations at times, and I have blown more than one person out of the water. I don’t want this to happen when it comes to God. I cannot bear to damage the reality of who He is through my poor witness. So, if I have done this with you, forgive me, and I hope we can start fresh and anew.

With all of that in mind, it makes it difficult to speak out across social media. But lately, I am sure you have noticed, I have been a bit more vocal about my faith. And the topic of this blog has a lot to do with it. It concerns what I opened with; the challenges to my faith and the lost souls that I see day to day across the Twitter feed.

No Fairy-Tale World

Many don’t believe that God exists and that Christians live in a fairy tale world. Or worse, they believe in an existence of a godlike being but are so turned off by ‘Christians’ that they don’t want anything to do with this outer-space-dwelling being whose followers are so hypocritical. I will admit, Christians have done more to hurt the cause of Christ than any Atheist out there.

In any case, whether it be anti-God folk turning people from the existence of God, or God’s own people making mistakes and allowing their errors to be the reason for others turning their noses, people have poor reasons for rejecting Jesus as their Savior.

Finger Pointing

I say poor reasons because each of us has choices to make. How we live our lives is between us and God. If I choose to break into a store and steal something, I will reap the consequences of my actions. I will be arrested and go to jail. That is the law. The same thing goes for sin. When I sin, there is punishment for that sin—separation from God. Someone else cannot take that blame. I will get more into this in a moment.

Back to what I was saying about all the social media. The posts about pointing fingers of ‘there is no God’ and ‘there is no proof.’ When one tries to point to the Bible, they claim it is a false artifact; or a contradictory one. But the Bible is the only book that has stood the test of time and still exists today. And it speaks to what will happen that will prove that what it says is true.

It begins with where our dependence lies. So, either one believes the Bible is the infallible Word of God, or one doesn’t. One day all will know. Of course, the Biblical account varies depending on which scholar has the microphone, and this only leads to further division, as we spoke of earlier. But regardless of order it comes in, it all ends the same way; Christ returns for those who have accepted Him. And this world will fade away.

The craziness I have envisioned and dreamt of is almost frightening. From Biblical accounts, we will all know in a blink of an eye that what we have believed or failed to believe is true. It will be a celebration or frightening realization. At that moment, we will all know that God is God. In a flash, the blasting of a trumpet, perhaps. The sun will no longer be up in the sky, and the stars will go dim; How they fail to shine, who knows, they just do. But the ultimate bowing of every person’s knee will take place in reverence and awe.

Left Behind

As I said in the opening, I don’t have all the answers. No one knows the order of events with complete confidence. But I do know that Christ is coming back. (Praise His name!!) Someday. Someday soon, from the way, this world is collapsing around itself. Those who are His will follow Him through the gates of Heaven. Those that are left behind after the flash and dim, will face the unfortunate events that follow and the ultimate doom of eternal separation.

Frightening. To be so alone that all you can hear is the sound of your heart beating and your own voice in your head wondering where you went wrong and that it’s too late.

A Gentle Whisper

Today there is a small still voice you hear. We all hear it. You may call it your conscience. It is that voice that gets you to question what you think you thought you knew. It could be the Spirit calling you to Him. He can be as gentle as a whisper. It is your job to act on what you hear. To respond before the flashes and sounds and the too-late moments. To act before the stars go dim.

When we all get to the other side, after those stars go dim, the light on the other side is the radiance of the Savior’s face. The light of the welcome party into Heaven. Again, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that when this world ends, Heaven awaits. How doesn’t matter. When doesn’t matter. But THAT it does happen and will happen matters. And I want to see all my friends that I have made here on that side of the curtain. So, I pray for each of you, daily, that God will become real to you and that all the stereotypes and the misled ‘Christians’ you have come across your life, day, or feed won’t taint the reality of who God really is.

A Decision

Who is He? He is Love. He sent his Son into this world to die for you to pay a penalty we could not pay so that we can be with Him in Heaven when all of this comes to an end and those stars do go dim. Will you consider talking to Him today? His name is Jesus, and he is just a prayer away.

Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash

If you have any questions or care to talk, you can inbox or even message me. I am open to discussion or to praying with you.

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