Jennifer’s Lost Sock

Jennifer's Lost Sock

Jennifer loved her socks. They were rainbow-colored, and they sparkled in the sunlight. She wore them everywhere.

She wore them on Monday when she went to school; she wore them on Tuesday while playing at the park.

She wore them to church on Wednesday night; she even wore them on Thursday when her mom took her grocery shopping.

They were her most favorite socks of all. Her mom had a hard time getting them off Jennifer’s feet to wash them.

“But mommy, I don’t want to take them off. They are my most favorite pair of all,” Jennifer would say.

“I know sweetie, but I have to wash them, they are filthy,” her mom would tell her.

Jennifer stomped around the house until her most favorite pair of socks were dry. She would look down at her boring little toes. She tried a pair of orange socks; she even tried a pair of bright blue socks, but neither of them sparkled in the sunlight; they were definitely boring.

Last weekend Jennifer had a sleepover at Sarah’s house. She was wearing her favorite rainbow-colored socks on Friday when she left school. She had them when she rode the swings at the park. She wore them all day Saturday swimming in Sarah’s pool.

Now it is Sunday, and as Jennifer was getting ready for church, she couldn’t find one of her most favorite socks of all.

She was sad for her lost sock. She was sad that she had to go to church without them. She wore a boring pair of yellow socks Sarah had given her. That night, Jennifer could not sleep. She was thinking of her rainbow-colored sock.

On Monday she looked for her lost sock at school, it wasn’t there. On Tuesday she did not play at the park, she was too busy searching everywhere for her most favorite sock of all.

Her sock was not at Wednesday Night church, and she asked the cashier at the grocery store on Thursday if she had seen the prettiest rainbow-colored sock ever, she had not seen it.

Jennifer and Sarah looked for it on Friday, searching every room in her house. They spent most of the day on Saturday looking around the pool; it was not there.

Jennifer had looked everywhere for her most favorite sock of all. She was going to have to go to church again without the pair of socks that sparkled in the sunlight.

Jennifer was sad. Even Jake, Sarah’s puppy, did not make her happy.

Jennifer laid in bed, holding her one lonely rainbow-colored sock when Jake jumped on the bed. He grabbed the prettiest sock ever and ran away with it.

“Hey!” Jennifer yelped. She followed Jake down the stairs and into the laundry room where he slept. Then Jennifer saw something tucked into Jake’s bed. It was the prettiest thing she ever saw.

It was rainbow-colored, and she was more than sure it would sparkle in the sunlight. It was her lost sock.

Today is Sunday, and Jennifer is sitting in the front row. She has a smile on her face, and the pastor came up to her. “That is the most beautiful pair of socks I have ever seen,” said the pastor.

“Thank you,” said Jennifer. “They are my most favorite pair of all.”

Originally published June 19, 2019

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