Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/3/22 – The Transference – Are You Ready?

Hey Writing Community. Wow. Here we are and it is already April. Where is this year going? No there will be no April foolin’ going on here. Just an exciting snippet for all my Writing Warriors out there and the Writing Community that has joined us. I am eager to get back into The Transference. I am even more excited because we are just about a month away from its release to the public. What I am anxious about is that I have yet to get a cover from my publisher. Their designer is behind on projects.

But in a way I am glad. I want to get a new head shot because with this book being a bit darker, I would like to try and get a more serious looking headshot. All I have are bright photos. I know that may sound silly, but I think it would make the cover look better. I don’t know. What do you think? It is a Crime Thriller. You have seen my photo that I have here, it is the photo for my novels. Too bright for a CT? Anyhow, lets get into this weeks snippet. Back into The Transference…


Current Expanded Novel Synopsis:
Detective James “Grady” Gradiosa, is a Savannah, Georgia detective who recently transferred from Atlanta. He relocated after his wife, Elizabeth, was promoted with her real estate firm. He is placed under the charge of Lieutenant Daniel Masters, a gruff 27-year Major Crimes veteran. They are immediately handed a case that will change their lives. Grady is the first to see the abnormalities. But will the rest of the team listen in time? There is a murder on the loose in South Georgia. For some reason, the killer leaves their final victim alive just before committing suicide by cop. But why? Masters and Grady must find out before it’s too late and the killer strikes again.


— For this weeks snippet we will continue from where we left off with our last The Transference snippet in July. Here is the full July 31st snippet link here, but we will give you an bit of the outtro below. —

“This is a bad idea,” Branson said, his eyes adjusting to their surroundings.

LaCrosse keyed his radio. With a whisper, he spoke, “We are in. The living space is empty—two doors to our front. One hall leading to the rear. About to sweep the rooms. Stand by.”

“10-4,” Grady replied.

“We should have a third,” Branson said, sweeping his weapon across the door behind him.

“We’ll be fine. We’ve handled worse,” LaCrosse said. “Let’s do this.”

Branson and LaCrosse are searching the cabin for where they believe Thoran to be held up. They have been fired at twice already. Both times were close calls. In our previous entry, they entered the cabin, now they are searching the living space. This is where we find our two detectives and pick up the action.


“Far side first,” Branson said, pointing to the door.

“10-4,” LaCrosse confirmed.

Just as they proceeded through the woods, they made their way toward the far door, back-to-back. With each step, the boards beneath their feet continued to creak. Not as loud as the stairs that announced their visit, but enough to give away their position should someone want to know where they were or blast them through the door they were positioned in front of it. LaCrosse took a deep breath as they paused in front of the first door. Then he reached for the handle.

The door gave under the weight of his hand with a light snap. LaCrosse gently cracked it open, allowing the light from the window to illuminate his face. He could see a bed, its sheets crumpled; recently slept in. The sun’s warmth gave the room an aroma of damp wood and body odor, making LaCrosse shudder. He took a step back and nudged the door further open using the back of his gun hand, careful to keep his peripheral vision as open as he could. He was relieved to find the room was empty. But that just meant that Tanner/Thoran was elsewhere in the cabin.

LaCrosse nodded sideways to Branson to move to the next room. Branson repeated the process of the first room; this one was empty as well. The same musty odor was there, only this one hadn’t been slept in. This room had a desk in addition to the bed, it was up against the window. Branson walked up to it, but there was nothing on it but a layer of dust. Both men toed their way to the final door.

Branson took a step back and raised his gun as LaCrosse turned the knob. However, neither man would need their weapon. Thoran wasn’t in the room. Just as the others, it was lightly furnished, and a layer of dust was on everything. LaCrosse stepped out of the room and pointed toward the hallway. Both men positioned themselves on either side of the hallway entrance and waited.

Branson keyed his radio, whispering, “Three bedrooms to the south cleared. Living area cleared. Proceeding to north, creek-facing interior now. Over.” He immediately turned the radio down. He turned to LaCrosse, “Ready?”

Welcome back to the world of James Grady and The Transference. I hope this scene conveyed the feeling I was trying to write across the pages. It is difficult to fully grasp these scenes with just the snippets and to keep hold of readers. And the break between the last one and this one didn’t help. But I am glad to bet back into sharing a bit of this novel with you before it’s release next month. I think I can get through this entire scene before the end of the month. It was one of my favorites to write.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/3/22 – The Transference – Are You Ready?

  1. Nice taut scene, Jeff! You are right there with them . . . while still safe in your desk chair. This is not a job I’d want to do but admire those who handle it every day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It was an exciting scene to get back into. I wanted to post a scene leading up to my release and I chose to stay with this one because it is gripping. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. I could visualize the action quite well from your description. Great snippet, good details. As far as the author photo remember it’s not for you so much as it is to attract the readers so which one says to a prospective reader “Hey, this guy will tell you a great story”?

    Liked by 1 person

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