The A to Z Prayer Guide for Kids

A to Z prayer

Angela agonized over an algebra exam. But she prayed and accepted an “A” for her efforts

Beatrice battled her big brother bullying. But she prayed, and now he is being a better boy.

Candace cried over her queasy cat. But she prayed, and now he can complete cartwheels.

David doubted he could stop his double dribble. But he prayed, and now he does a deadly dunk.

Earnest’s errands left him exhausted. But he prayed, and now he has the energy to play extra innings.

Fred feared he wouldn’t find his football. But he prayed and finally figured out his friend found it.

Grace groaned about a very greedy girl. But she prayed and became grateful for the grace of giving.

Herman felt horrible after he hurt his friend. But he prayed and hurried to hug him, and he was happy.

Irene is irked over an incident. But she prayed, and now she knows it isn’t that incredibly important.

Jackie wants justice for Jan spilling juice on her jeans. But she prayed, and Jesus gave her forgiving jiggly joy.

Kenny crinkled his nose over an unkind kid. But he prayed, and now he knows to keep being kind to see kindness kept.

Lauren cried loudly over a hurtful letter. But she prayed and learned to lean on the loving Lord.

Michael messed up majorly. But he prayed and, in the morning, made amends for his mistake.

Nancy knew nothing about her new neighbor Natalie. But she prayed, and now she knows how to be nice to newcomers.

Oscar objected to the other kid playing. But he prayed, and it opened his heart to his overly angry outburst.

Patrick was not pleased with his picky Pop. But he prayed and was proud to possess such a protective parent.

Quinton was quick to quit during his quiz. But he prayed, and his mind quietly quoted the answer to the question.

Rachel reacted rudely to her mom’s rules. But she prayed and remembered rules are there for a reason.

Sally was sad about her sick sister. But she prayed and stayed by her side to say silly sentences.

Terry tried terribly to play tennis. But he prayed and trained and tried out for the tennis team today.

Unis was unhappy about her unfound umbrella. But she prayed and remembered her uncle used it when he was an umpire under a rain delay.

Vera vented over her very valuable violin. But she prayed and forgave the visitor for their unintended volleyed vegetable.

William was mad because he wanted a white wagon. But he prayed and willfully was happy with what he was given.

Xavier exclaimed the next exam would be extreme. But he prayed and was excited when extra studying made him an expert.

Yolanda yelped when she saw the yukky yams. But she prayed and tried them and said yes, they were yummy.

Zander could not zip his zipper. But he prayed and one zigzag later, he was free to zoom the zoo.

Originally posted on August 5, 2019

Photo by Susan Holt Simpson on Unsplash

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