The Mystery of Plate Spinning

It seems the world is falling apart faster than we can put it back together. A couple of images come to mind. The first is a person standing at a dam. They see a pinprick hole that spouts a trickle of water. Thinking they need to do something; they plug the hole with their finger and look around for something to seal it more permanently. But in the meantime, another hole sprouts. With a different finger, they plug the newly formed hole. Then another stream breaks through. Uh-oh. Carefully the person removes their sandal and pokes a toe in the barely reachable hole. Now balancing on one foot, the person is starting to wonder what would happen if…

Spinning Plates

The second image is of a plate spinner. This one is more about when we think we have things in control vs. new problems arising we do not see. Plates spin, and we jump around when we begin to see that wobble. We get that fragile piece of china moving again before it comes crashing to the ground and messing up our whole operation; because if one comes tumbling, it can break our concentration on the others just enough that all the plates will crash to the ground.

Such is our world right now. We are beginning to witness it spin out of control, and we don’t know which plate to respin first. And the holes are popping up so fast we are running out of fingers and toes to plug up the flow of water being released, not that we can reach each new spring of damage anyhow. Just when we see one new wobble or one new spout, our head is turned by another new problem. Where do we begin?

Someone is in Control

While we may not have the answers and continue to fall into this deeper pit of a world that is cycling out of control, there is one assurance that we can rely upon. Even as confusing as it may be and even infuriating to some; God is in control. He knows where we are, and He knows everything going on under the sun. Nothing escapes His notice, and as hard as it is to understand, nothing happens without His allowance. The good, the bad, and the ugly; he knows all and sees all.

So, why doesn’t God just wave his almighty magic wand and stop the evil and the hardships? The truth is, I don’t know… Well, that is not entirely accurate. I have a clue. Think about it. So many people tell God that they don’t believe in Him, that they don’t want to have anything to do with Him, to stay away from their school, business, life, etc. Now, many of those same people have the audacity to ask ‘where was God’ when their schools, businesses, and lives are attacked by evil? Maybe if people were more focused on allowing God in to their lives, less of this type of evil would occur?

Who’s to Blame?

I’m not saying that if you accept Christ all evil ends—by no means. I am stating that we cannot say God doesn’t exist and in the same breath blame God for evil when it occurs. It doesn’t work that way. But we are at a point in our world where something needs to take place. It is spinning and spouting out of control. When we cannot control it, we need to hand it over to someone who can better manage it. No, I am not talking about a political office. I am talking about putting God back into America again. Christian artist Carman sang a song about it back in my day. It spoke about the very thing we are going through today, only we are much further along; the world has grown much darker, and God is much further away from America than it ever has been. But he is right. We need God back in our world again.

Heaven Bound

But, truth be told, I am ready to be away from it and part of His in heaven. But there are too many here that would be left behind, which I could not bear, so I strive to reach those here. You who may be reading this may be one of them. So, I pray for you to come to the knowledge of the one who died for you, so you can get away from this crazy world and find the true peace that God has. As I said, I cannot answer for the crazy in your life, but seek Him. He can be the beginning to discovering the peace you are seeking.

True Direction

It begins with confessing to Him you lead a life of sin, asking for the forgiveness of those sins, and then turning from that old life and beginning your new life. No, you don’t have to go Bible-thumping people or find a hole to live in while singing Kumbaya. Just continue from here, living each day differently than yesterday. All that plate spinning, spout plugging, and worrying about tomorrow can be given over to God. He will direct you and give you peace that passes all understanding. And when you struggle, you can find others like you to talk you through it. If you can’t find someone, message me. God bless you, my friends.

Photo by Henrik Bonthe:

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