Heavy On My Heart

It breaks my heart to see those who fail to understand. Those who look at us and think we are under a mass delusion. I want to open my mouth and say something, but the same thing always happens. They will either laugh or come up with some crazy statistic that refutes what I believe that almost seems believable.

Let the Records Show

Skeptics throw out these stats and laugh because I feel they don’t want to face the ‘what if Jesus is real?’ OR what if I am right and they are wrong? It hurts my heart what will happen when Jesus does come back, and they realize that all the finger-wagging they have done was in vain. But then it’ll be too late. I wish I knew what to say to these individuals. God loves each of them.

No matter how much they curse Him. No matter how much they attempt to disprove His existence. It doesn’t matter that they don’t believe in Him. He believes in them. All it would take is one moment of clarity on their part, one revelation, just a glimpse of who He is, and all would be forgiven.

Lost and Found

But even as I talk about clarity, they laugh that they are the ones who are clear, and I am the one neck deep in the muck. I hurt because many will never have the veil lifted and never see clearly. I wish for a moment they could see what I see, then they would understand. I am not lost in a delusion. I am lost but now found. I have hope because He gave it to me. It is not something one can explain. It is not something you can look at from the outside and verify. It is something you must live and experience for yourself to understand fully. I just pray that everyone will wake up and turn to Christ before it is too late.

Seeing where this world is going right now is frightening. The Bible tells us when we see these things to look heavenward. I am looking, but my eyes still look to those around me who have their feet stuck in the mud and are unwilling to change. I pray for those people, those faces, those souls. I hurt for them. I hurt for you.

The Final Destination

With my position as a writer and blogger, I feel I need to speak out and explain clearly that Jesus is coming back for those who are His. I hear many people say either that there is no hell or, worse, “Aww, Hell is going to be such a party.” Well, either way, Hell is real. And no, God does not send anyone to Hell. Hell was created for the devil and his fallen angels. Heaven was created for everyone. Sin is what separates Heaven and Hell.

Jesus came to Earth to, once and for all, give us access to Heaven. But the price was His life. The great part is that He rose again. His overcoming death is what gives us access to God. We can choose to accept what Jesus did for us or reject it. Accepting it means Heaven. Ignoring it or blatantly rejecting it is a choice. Then we choose to follow the path that the devil will walk.

Which Will You Choose?

No, God will not send anyone to Hell; we choose to go there. And it will not be a party with beer, drugs, and wild living. That is the trick the devil likes to play. He tries to convince those who follow the world that Hell won’t be so bad. He gently whispers that we don’t have to follow God. Hell? Pssh. It is going to be great—Party City. I can tell you, it won’t be partying, and you definitely won’t be enjoying yourself. And this is a place many of the people I spoke of earlier are headed. And it hurts my heart. I see them laugh at me or ridicule my posts and tweets, and I just want to take them in my arms and love on them or help them see that God is real, Jesus is real. I don’t want to see any of them lost forever. I don’t want to see any of you lost forever.

No One Can Be Sure

You don’t have to be 100% convinced that He is real. No one is. Even I have my not-so-good days. This is where faith enters the picture. On social media, many Christians get tripped up when others refute them and can’t effectively reply. This gets the anti-Christians riled up, thinking they just proved God doesn’t exist. And the Christian becomes distraught. Some anti-Christians act like we need to know everything for it to be true. Well, we don’t. So new Christian, don’t sweat it. I have been a Christian all my life and have studied the Bible in-depth, and I don’t know it all. Even I can’t answer some of the questions these refuters throw out there. The good thing is, I don’t have to.

It’s Just That Simple

God is good. God is always there. Even when it doesn’t seem like He is—He is. You don’t have to have it all together to come to Christ. You don’t have to pass a test or jump through organizational hoops. You simply come. The best thing is it’s just a simple prayer—no bells or whistles, no standing on your head or reciting mantras. Just something as simple as “Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. Please forgive me of my sins. I give my life to you. Show me the way to go.” Something simple like that. It doesn’t even need to be that long—just something where you acknowledge your sin and ask forgiveness. Your life may not change overnight, but it will change.

Homebound Train

Have you ever seen a train traveling on tracks? And you see someone ahead pull a lever, and the track clangs and the train that was on one track makes the turn and heads down the other track? That is what just happened. Your life just changed tracks. And no one or nothing can take that from you. Heaven is now your destination. Not even the reaches of the devil and his demons can change that. Will you mess up? Yup. Even I do. Remember, I’ve been saved all my life. And Satan laughs his head off when I screw up. But you know what I do? I dust myself off and move on back toward Christ.

For We All Will Stumble

That is exactly what you can do too. And you will stumble. We all do. But Jesus is there and ready to pick you up when you do. And another thing, you don’t have to listen to the other naysayers who laugh and point that you fell because you know where you are headed. Yet, after you realize your hope is guaranteed, then you, like me, will carry a heavy heart for them. You will experience the eagerness to share it with those who do not have the peace you now feel. And your heart will hurt from other’s unwillingness to hear it. You will then understand what I am feeling today as I write this.

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