Weekend Writing Warriors – 2/12/2023 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – Smile from A to Z

Hello fellow writers and friends. Hope everyone is doing well. It has been relatively slow over here. Not getting much client work, but I have completed the final edit of Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be. I have one beta reader that I’m passing it onto, and Carolyn may give it a read as she loves A Christmas Carol. I’m anxious to get her take on this book with it being comparable to that story. Finishing this novel was difficult and a bit heart wrenching. As I have mentioned, this novel completes the Little Reminders series. Saying good-bye to Carter and other characters is difficult and completing the final edit is another step in that final adieu. I do have one more final read, when my publisher sends it back to me with their notes on their final edit. I love this journey, though. But as you know, it does take its toll.

Have a blessed week all. now let’s get back into the action and see what Stephanie has bee up to.


Stephanie Marshall is the owner of a successful Charlotte, NC writing firm. She and her staff advertise for some of the biggest names up and down the east coast. Even though the writer’s life is exciting, and her company is in demand, she struggles with the monotony of home life. Stephanie is on the verge of an affair and has chosen to take the next step in that relationship.

… And then there is Carter.

Our angelic friend is back, and he visits Stephanie to teach her three lessons about her life. One that involves her past, one about her present life, and one that will challenge her to the reality of the choices she makes.


Last week we left Stephanie making a poor decision. She deliberately lied to Jason about what she was about to do. Then she admitted it was easier than she thought it would be. What has Stephanie gotten herself into?

First a bit from last time:

Steph, relax,” Jason said, raising his hands. “Go. I’m not stopping you.”

Stephanie realized she was pushing it and getting defensive. She relaxed her shoulders and headed into the closet for a suitcase.

Lying to Jason was easier than she thought it would be. With the three-hour drive, she said she might stay down there and get a hotel room rather than try to drive back and risk having an accident. Jason agreed. She then blamed Kenneth for the foul-up to push attention away from him rather than draw attention to him. Stephanie vented to the clothes and suitcase as she spoke. Jason remained in the room. She felt she would be fine if she didn’t have to make eye contact.

Now let’s get into our new snippet:

We are skipping a few paragraphs. Stephanie is in the process of driving back to her office to meet up with Kenneth. During her drive she goes through a bit of inner dialogue about her and Kenneth’s plans regarding the hotel room. Separate bills, rooms, and driving her car as to not arise suspicion. We pick up with Stephanie arriving at the office to meet Kenneth.

Stephanie pulled into the lot and behind Kenneth’s silver BMW. He had changed into blue jeans and a buttoned-up teal shirt. He was leaning on the trunk and stood when she pulled up. Stephanie picked up her jaw then lowered her passenger side window.

Leaning in, Kenneth said, “You ready, boss?”

“Okay, for the next 48 hours, that name better be forgotten from your vernacular, sir,” Stephanie said with a laugh.

“Riiiiight,” he said. “I will call you whatever you need me to.” He winked at her. “Just follow me.”

If only he knew what that did to her. “Lead the way.”

There is your ten (or so). And now we continue to finish the scene:

Kenneth signaled and revved his engine, then led her through the city. The tall multistory complex was on the edge of downtown. It was in a nice neighborhood and probably double what she figured he was paying for it. He definitely did more than write. Kenneth was good at what he did, but she knew she didn’t pay him this much. His mysterious nature made him all the more alluring.

Once in front of the building, Kenneth stopped and waved for her to pull alongside him. When she did, he pointed to a striped area, “Pull up next to the entrance. I just need to grab my things, and I’ll meet you over there. Remember, I’m driving.”

“Okay. See you in a bit,” Stephanie said. She pulled up to the front of the building and parked in an area marked for deliveries only.

Her heart raced as she waited. A grey van with a blue smile pulled up, her face matched it. She made sure to give it parking room. She didn’t need an angry building manager scolding her to move. Stephanie watched the driver through her side mirror load up a hand truck with packages, curious what was in each and awaited the recipient. She imagined clothing, jewelry, and electronics. A knock on the passenger window snapped her out of her online shopping daze.

Stephanie unlocked the passenger door, and Kenneth ducked his head in. “You said I could drive.”

“I know. You can take over when I stop to get gas. Get in.”

“Trunk?” he said, lifting his bags.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, releasing the trunks latch. After loading, Kenneth eased into the passenger seat with a comfortable ‘oof.’ Then his cologne hit her. The one she had struggled to wash off the night before. The one she had trouble getting out of her dreams. But for the next 48 hours, she could allow herself to get lost in it. She breathed it in and put her car into drive, leaving the guy with the smiling van to hand out his mystery packages and deliver joy to their recipients.

Well, now there is no turning back. She has made her decision. How far will Stephanie go? It appears she is taking it all the way. Will it go that far? Or will something happen to prevent her from making the biggest mistake of her life and perhaps even career?

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Thanks for reading this week. I had an awesome Saturday afternoon participating in a Pop Up Shop at a local coffee house. I brought along many of my wife’s paintings and sold some of them as well. I love these type of get togethers. All these vendors are local artisans. It was fun and I definitely plan to return. Do you participate in local venues in your towns?

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 2/12/2023 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – Smile from A to Z

  1. She certainly doesn’t seem to be thinking of consequences or even having second thoughts. This does not look good.

    Saying goodbye to our characters can be so hard. But you can do it! Remember there will be new characters to love. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, it seems that once she is past the hurdle of home, the fantasy begins to take over. We shall see how far she takes flight on it.

      Yes, indeed, there will be. I do have one novel on the back burner. It’s a sequel to my first novel. I wrote it during Camp NaNoWriMo. We will see what happens with it once I get this one submitted in March. I may get bored enough to lift the lid and stir it abit.


  2. My husband likes to say “There’s a rule about holes…. Once you find yourself in one, you should stop digging.” Someone needs to step in and take away Stephanie’s shovel.

    I like how you hint that there’s something possibly shady going on here too. Above and beyond the romantic concerns…

    Liked by 1 person

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