Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/12/2023 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – I’m Not Sure I Buy Your Story

Here we are Writing Community and fellow book writers and lovers. Good heavens, what a week. I am writing this much later than I would like to. It is due to the craziness of my day job. Who would’ve thought I could say my job would get crazy. I went though an writing assignment where we went through several many edits. No that’s not a typo. There were too many to count. I just felt like I couldn’t nail this piece the way I needed to. I wasn’t sure if it was me or that we were working on it like a piece of marble. I guess I will find out if I am assigned a new piece. You will know next week I suppose. But it is a job, and I am grateful to God that I am working. Busy is better than not working at all.

I hope you have had a blessed week everyone. Now we dive back into Stephanie’s world. We will see how much Carter can be an influence on her.

Don’t for get about the wrap-up below and about what a PopUp Shop is.


Stephanie Marshall is the owner of a successful Charlotte, NC writing firm. She and her staff advertise for some of the biggest names up and down the east coast. Even though the writer’s life is exciting, and her company is in demand, she struggles with the monotony of home life. Stephanie is on the verge of an affair and has chosen to take the next step in that relationship.

… And then there is Carter.

Our angelic friend is back, and he visits Stephanie to teach her three lessons about her life. One that involves her past, one about her present life, and one that will challenge her to the reality of the choices she makes.


Last time we spoke Stephanie had just found Carter, or did he find her, in the coffee shop of the hotel. Carter seems to know more about Stephanie’s situation than she would like him to. Here is where we pick up.

First a bit from last time:

Carter nodded toward the reception desk, which was now void of Kenneth.

Stephanie followed Carter’s nod. The receptionist was assisting a couple. One was an obvious tourist with a floral button-up and khaki shorts.

“I’m not sure what you mean. I’m here on business, trying to keep a client from canceling business with our firm,” Stephanie lied. She needed to keep the story straight, even if this man were never to meet her husband.

“We both know that’s not true. We can save a lot of time by being honest with each other,” Carter said with another sip of his coffee.

Now let’s get into our new snippet:

We are picking up right where we left off, wrapping up chapter seven and about to really get into the nitty gritty, thus the length of this weeks snippet. Just a bit much. Not not to disrupt the flow… let’s go.

“Honest with each other? Okay,” Stephanie started. “How did you get my husband’s menu?”

“Hmm. That is a good one,” Carter admitted. He nodded and took another sip. “Would you accept my answer if I said it’s classified?”

“Now, who’s wasting time,” Stephanie said.

“Okay,” Carter said. “I found it in a box.”

“Who does that box belong to?”

“That I can’t say.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“A bit of both, actually.”

Stephanie sighed in defeat. She sipped her coffee. “Okay. I can accept that. Protecting family, I can respect that. Why are you here in Wilmington?”

Carter drew a breath, “That I can tell you. Stephanie, I’m here for you.”

There is your ten (or so). And now we continue to finish the chapter:

“For me? How’s that? You don’t know me. And you could’ve found me in Evansville at any time. In fact, you did. What more could you want? Do you have more fascinating keepsakes for me?”

“No, but I’m here to help you from losing them.”

“I’m not sure I follow you.”

“Your husband, Stephanie. I’m here to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

“I’m not—”

“Stephanie, please don’t attempt to lie to me. I know more than you know. And to prove it, I will show you how serious the situation is.” Carter lifted his palm toward the ceiling, “Well, He is going to show you how serious it is.”


“Yes. He.”

“As in God?”

“God,” Carter acknowledged.

“Heh. What did they put in your coffee, Carter?”

“I’m not joking with you, Stephanie. This is a dire situation. I’m sure you are aware. Those pangs you’ve been feeling each time you thought about coming down here?”

“How did you know about those?” Stephanie’s forehead wrinkled in disbelief.

“Those were God telling you this was wrong,” Carter said, pointing toward her chest.

“I don’t believe God would behave that way.”

“Well, He would and has. Why do you think I’m here?”

“God sent you?”

“You can say that.”

“What, are you an angel or something?”

Carter smiled, “You could say that.”

“And you’ve been sent to keep me from doing something I’ll regret?”

Carter pursed his lips, nodding, “Now you’re getting it.”

“I’m not sure I buy your story, Carter,” Stephanie said, taking another sip of coffee.

“You’re free to believe me or disregard what I’m telling you. Free will. I’m just the messenger sent to help you make the right decision.”

“I don’t suppose you could prove you’re one of God’s angels?”

“You’re returned menu wasn’t proof enough?”

Stephanie thought for a second, “Ehhh, you could’ve just found that on the thief who stole it.”

“You have me there. But you can’t expect me to make water turn to wine or fire to fall from heaven. It doesn’t work that way.”

“Then this could just be a coincidence, and my guilt is trying to keep me from having a wonderful evening with a man who honestly cares about me.”

“If that’s what you believe. But you must consider what you’ll leave behind if you proceed down this path. Once you cross that line, there’s no going back. You can’t take off that weight. You thought the smell of cologne on your neck and clothes was difficult to wash off? The weight of adultery doesn’t wash off. You carry that forever.”

Stephanie choked on her sip of coffee. How in the world could he have known about the cologne on her clothes? No one knew about that hug but her, Kenneth, and Vanessa. Vanessa!

“Did Vanessa put you up to this?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who Vanessa is,” Carter said. “I’m just trying to help you, Stephanie. It’s my job.”

“As an angel of the Lord.”


“Well, Mr. Carter,” Stephanie said, standing.

“Mr. Jennings. Carter is my first name.”

“My apologies. Mr. Jennings. If you have no further proof, I’m about to head upstairs and enjoy the evening that I’ve earned. I don’t know how you found me here or how you know these things about me.” Stephanie drained the remainder of her cup. Then waved her finger at Carter. “You almost had me, and I don’t know what Vanessa or anyone else told you, but Kenneth cares about me, and we are about to share tonight together, and that means something.”

“I sure hope you will feel the same way in the morning,” Carter said.

“I know I will,” Stephanie said, “nothing can change that, not you or your God.”        

Well there you have it. I had some of you say that Stephanie was sure keeping her cool last week. That she was being patient with Carter. Well, as we can see here, that she has had enough. of. it. She is ready to do what she wants to do. Let’s see if Carter’s concern will play out next week.

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It’s been a crazy week. I worked with a client on three assignments. The third, we couldn’t get right, well, I couldn’t get to their liking. We must’ve went through ten edits. I planned to spend Thursday and Friday editing my WIP. But I spent Saturday rounding off the edges. To make matters interesting, most nights I was worked until 1 or 2AM, including Friday/Saturday morning.

Well, I had forgotten I was to have a booth at a PopUp Shop at Sunshine House Coffee. I didn’t remember until 1 HR before I was to be there. So I grabbed my gear and headed over on 4hrs sleep.

My booth at Sunshine House Coffee PopUp Shop. Books and my wife’s paintings.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/12/2023 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – I’m Not Sure I Buy Your Story

  1. She seems oddly unimpressed when he tells her he’s an angel. She says she doesn’t buy the story, but she doesn’t seem to think he’s crazy or anything. More accepting than I’d think she would be. Still not sure she’ll change her mind though. Tweeted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, she is a writer and has pretty much heard it all. (you know how it is with us writers, we are more apt to believe the interesting) A far fetched story is Stephanie’s game. Especially after the speculation her and Jason had done the day before. Anything was possible with this Carter guy.


  2. She is so so sure Kenneth cares about her and Jason doesn’t? She knows Jason cares about her (or at least had some hint very recently…), and yet.. she’s off to do this because Kenneth “cares”. She should admit the truth (and Carter should have called her on it… that it was for the thrill, not because she felt she wasn’t loved.


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