Weekend Writing Warriors – 4/30/23 – The Five Barred Gate II – A Family Reminder

Hey Weekend Writing Warriors. Hope you have had a great week. For me, I am continuing to work and edit The Five Barred Gate II when I have the free time. Little Reminders is with the publisher and I am waiting to hear back on the timeline for editing. I know it will be released in late October, early November, but the official date has not been set. That will come once we sign the contract. Until then, we have our snippets to enjoy. You can catch up with past posts here.

The Five Barred Gate is a Dystopian Suspense novel that takes place about 20 years after the events after the first novel. It surrounds the life of Michael, Jacob’s son. He faces the same, but different challenges his father faced. Times are much more difficult. I am excited to revisit this world. I love my characters and getting to revisit the Dystopian genre.


Still working on a full synopsis:
Michael, Jacob’s son, will be the main character. His wife is arrested for talking to someone in a store about God. Now he must find a way to fight for her release and raise their fraternal twin five-year-olds. He has the help of Rachel’s grandfather Frank Dunham, his parents, and a supportive attorney that will do their best to protect Rachel. But they must fight local and federal laws that are even more strict than when his father Jacob had to deal with them. They must also deal with a corrupt accuser and an old family adversary to ensure justice is served and Rachel is able to come home to her family.

>>>If you are curious about the first novels snippets, I have them archived: Here is a link to them if you want to read up on The Fiver Barred Gate <<<


In our last snippet Rachel’s charges were being read and it quickly became obvious to Johnathan Clarke, Rachel’s attorney, that things were not right. You can catch up with the past snippets here.

First, here is a bit from last week:

The judge exchanged glances with him and his client. “It doesn’t change the facts. This case was brought against Mrs. Andrews by the party she was harassing. The charges will stand, and she will face her accuser. As for the law and its ambiguity, that is a matter for trial. You can argue your case, and the jury can make that decision.”

“A jury trial, Your Honor? For two counts of solicitation?”

“You are forgetting the count regarding the Anti-Dehumanization Act of 2015. Dr. Houston’s rights were violated when Mrs. Andrews approached her and verbally berated her. It is within her right to request a trial by jury. And so, she has requested.” The judge turned her attention toward Rachel. “Mrs. Andrews. Did you or did you not ask Dr. Houston if she was a Christian?”

Johnathan quickly answered, placing his hand on Rachel’s shoulder, “Don’t answer that, Rachel. It’s a trap.”

Now we move into the next scene. Let’s just say the judge wasn’t entirely happy with Johnathan’s sudden challenge to her authority. But both her and Johnathan keep their cool and a trial date is set.

Michael saw Johnathan push through the swinging doors of the courtroom. He had been sitting on a bench, his head between his knees, waiting for news about his wife. The break in the silence startled him. He was at the attorney’s side after a couple of steps.

“What happened in there?”

“Nothing, Mr. Andrews. As I said before I went in, this is just a preliminary hearing. The charges were brought against her, and a trial date was set.”

“Her trial? I thought you—”

“Mr. Andrews,” the attorney began, “believe me, I tried. But the prosecutor already explained his client wants to go to trial. The charges against your wife pretty much state it will go to a jury trial anyhow. It’s gray, but to argue would’ve been futile. With the laws that exist now, it sides with the faulted party; you, above everyone, should understand this.”

::There is your ten (or so). Here is a bit more for good measure.

Michael shook his head. When any federal laws are mentioned, everyone seems to remind him of what his family has been through. Even after twenty years, it was still a weight he had to bear, and he wasn’t even old enough then to remember what he was supposed to carry now.

“Did they say anything about the charges? What was she arrested for?”

The attorney stopped walking, his head cocked to the side. “They didn’t mention the details of what happened, but the judge did question Rachel about asking someone about God.”

“Asking someone about God? Are you serious?”

“That’s what the judge said, or rather asked Rachel. I told her not to answer. The judge isn’t supposed to ask those types of questions at a preliminary hearing. Just determine if there is enough evidence. Another reason why I felt it was best just to let this go straight to trial. It just didn’t feel right in there.”

“Where are you going now?” Michael asked.

“To see Rachel. You can join me if you behave yourself.” Johnathan eyed Michael, “They have rules. You are to stay 10 feet away from her; no hugs or kisses. You cannot pass her anything, not even a glance or blink—no coded messages. If you violate these rules, they will ban you from future visits, or worse, I could be removed from representing her. So, don’t break the rules, got it?”

“Got it,” Michael said as they rounded a corner.

Here we go. On our way to see Rachel. The first time Michael has seen her since her arrest. Will he be strong or will his husbandly instincts take over and dig hm in deeper than he already is.

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Thanks for reading this week. And for your continued support.

Still knocking the insurance reviews out. Been getting a lot of stormy weather here. April has been living up to its poetic moniker. We shall see how colorful May is.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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    1. It’s how the laws work in this Dystopian future. They know ‘what’ she’s being charged with, breaking the Federal Speech law, just now ‘how’ she broke the law fully. That is the issue here. With the judge beginning to over step her authority last week and asking a direct question pertaining to the case, Johnathan chose to cut the preliminary hearing short and go straight to trial before he could find out.

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