Why Our Words Matter

Have you ever felt that you have nothing to contribute to the world? Whether it be to your occupation, your calling, or the cause of Christ. We go about day to day, and it feels as if we are just going through the motions. We wake up, drink our cup of coffee, plan for our day, go through and check all our boxes, and come home exhausted. After dinner, we wonder what did it all amount to? Did we make a difference? Of course, we did our time at our jobs, but what value has it contributed to the world?

Who Are We?

If you are like me, you want your life to mean more today than it did yesterday. If it didn’t, then what are we doing anyhow? I know we often set life in cruise control mode and go day by day, week by week, and sometimes month to month, letting our obligations control who and what we are. We are an employee, a parent, a child, and we have obligations to other commitments we have made. The autopilot light is lit, and we can often go through the week without really thinking about it. Routine. Your middle name.

“Well, Jeff, you really have lifted me up. Wow. I’m pumped!!”


Well, ruts are not easy to get out of, as those of you who live in the country know well. You are driving through a caked-over path, and getting your wheels out of that firm earth, takes some steering. But there are times when God has that path designed just for you. There are reasons the water has carved that path in your life. Even though it may seem routine to you now, there comes a time for you to break through and become more than what that road held you on. And then you become free and stronger on the solid ground.

Your life is and will be, filled with these paths. It is how we are steered closer to Christ. And as we are drawn closer to Him, we become more intimate with Him and learn to hear His voice. This allows us to steer clear of those ruts and then, in turn, help others who are experiencing the same struggles. This is where our life matters because God can use us to work in others. Because we may be the only person who can help someone.

Reaching Out

When God is reaching out to someone, well, He is always reaching out, but when someone in our life is going through an experience where God is speaking to them, they can be in a few positions. They can be listening to Him, which is great. They can be on the fence, which is also good; pray for them. But they can also have their back to Him, which is disheartening. But this is why God has us. You may have heard the saying that “you may be the only Bible someone ever reads,” This statement is one of the truest statements. With someone having their back to God, the only way God can reach them is by reflecting off of you.

In and Out of Season

As a child of God, we need to be prepared, as the Bible says, in and out of season. This merely means to be ready when we least expect it. Our light must always be on and shining to those who may need it to see theirs to Christ. It isn’t our job to try and convert anyone but to light the way to Him. Remember, their back is turned. Our mirror is supposed to get them to turn around, see God behind them, and turn to Him. We do this through words, kindness and love, our actions, and whatever God may lead us to say or do for the lost soul.

And when that light turns on inside, when that little light inside of you ignites the wick inside of them, their eyes will turn; their heart will turn. And as the Word says, all heaven will rejoice.

Only You

The one thing we must understand is that there are some people that only you can impact. It has to do with your connection to them. Whether it be of a personal nature, a shared experience, or something that God has orchestrated, sometimes you will be the only person who can reach their heart. Even passing them on to a more experienced person or a pastor won’t be able to help them initially. So, don’t shy away from a divine appointment. Share your heart, share your experiences, and reach out to those whose face is turned to you and guide them back to God’s light.

Photo by Jason Grant on Unsplash

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