Fading Into the Distance

Failure is inevitable. No one is perfect. Only one was, it is the reason we can view Him as our example. We stumble and fall, or rather fail, and find ourselves back where we started. Will we ever live up to the standard that has been set? No, never. It is in our nature to fall short. We cant help it, we are hard wired to give in to our sinful nature. It was this way from the beginning; it was this way before we were born. And before we blame our parents, it wasn’t their fault either. It began further back than that. Sin began with the dawning of time.

What is sin?

I sin. You sin. We all sin. “Sin” is an ugly word. It seems like it is one of those ‘churchy’ words that is thrown around to condemn people and make them feel guilty. Churchy or not, sin is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.” So many use it to brand people and as a yard stick to whack people over the wrist, or worse, to point out inadequacies. Heh, usually ignoring their own faults in the process. This is one of the biggest faults with those that call themselves Christians.

The Perfect Plan

Well, we all fail. Paul is clear about this in his letter to Romans. But God always knew we would find ourselves in this situation and He had a plan. In His grace, He made us right even though we continually fall back into our sinful nature. This plan was perfect. It erased the faults we have. It erases our sins, and as Paul explains in his letter to the Colossians, nailing them to the cross. Here’s another churchy word for ya, Amen!!

A Slow Fade

Whether you accept that you have a sinful nature or not is neither here nor there, we are all born into this word imperfect. Imperfection breeds a sinful nature. From the first time we say “no” to our parents. stepparents, or guardians, to the first time we skip curfew, to the times we fudge some numbers on whatever project we are working on, and to the times we speak or look at others the wrong way. Small sin breeds larger sin. Even devout Christians deal with this. Casting Crowns sings a song about this. Slow Fade is about a Christian who gives into tiny moments of giving in that that turn into larger moments that end up pulling them away from God.

We think it’s no big thing. But that is the trick. The slow fade. It begins with the “its no big deal,” and ends with, “how did I get here?”

This is Not the End

I’ve had to learn the hard way in my life about the slow fade. The times I believed I was doing the good thing, but ended up so far a way from God that even my GPS was confused. We fail others, we fail ourselves, and we fail the God who keeps it all together. Sin destroys it all. But there is an answer. And that solution is turning back to Jesus.

Failure is not the end. Roads can come to an end; roads seem to fly of the edge of a cliff. But what happens when you reach that point is up to you. You can sit and sulk, blame others, blame God… the one who some, maybe even you, have said doesn’t exist.. or you can man (or woman) up and do something about your situation. Begin with taking responsibility. Sin is what got you to where you are. Confess it to God. Ask for forgiveness. Then turn away from what has brought you to where you are and walk in a new direction.

Take it Easy

Is it easy? Perhaps not. You have relied on yourself for so long, to let go of that will seem awkward but it will be rewarding. You have someone on your side, Jesus. You also have others who will walk beside you. Fellow believers. Me included. God’s love is so amazing. He came to earth, was crucified, and rose again conquering death for us. He bore all the sin, He became sin, to overcome sin. That was the purpose of the cross. And his resurrection was the key for us to overcome it as well, through Christ. Perhaps not fully in this life. The Bible states we all will still struggle with sin, but what glory awaits those who believe in Jesus. Heaven awaits. Sin doesn’t hold us anymore. Christ’s mighty hand does. AMEN!!

Photo: (C)2021 Moments for the Heart – Jeff S. Bray

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