Corona Event 2020

This is something I should have done a long time ago, but I begin today and will continue to do so until this thing is over. I have kept a journal in the past, but with the busyness of life, I have neglected to do so for quite some time. That ends today.

This is not intended to be blog. It is a journal of the happenings of the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Please do more than read it, share. Leave your story at the bottom of this page; a story of your experience. This is a shared time capsule for posterity sake for future generations.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Late last week Governor Abbott issued an Executive Order that stipulated no gatherings larger than 10 people. This meant that we were not able to hold church services. So this weekend our church had its first Facebook Live service. It was an amazing experience for John Mark, Mr. Burleson, Pastor and I, to pull it all together. I can tell you I do not envy guys who do this every weekend. While they probably have it down to an art, it was a lot to keep an eye on to make sure everything went off without a hitch. And God most definitely had his hand on us getting things done. I was clicking away until the last moments.

From the Go Live click to the End Live it was exciting. Watching the ticker go higher and higher. The highest number I saw was 75 viewers. AMEN!! Such a blessing. I am confident churches across the U.S., maybe even the world were experiencing the same thing; left with little choice but to use unfamiliar means of getting their services to their parishioners.

Not that Facebook Live is unfamiliar to me, I have done my share of them, it was doing it on such a grand scale. This was more than sitting at my kitchen table with a laptop. It was neat to see FB and YouTube light up so many church broadcasts. God’s Word spread across social media like it has never before.

Joys can be found in the midst of worldly setbacks. We can either allow them to shut us down or we can overcome them and keep going. Social Media allows us to continue to spread the Word of God and still maintain the social distancing we are required to adhere to, to help contain the virus that is rapidly spreading.

That being said, two confirmed cases were found in our county this weekend. This finally made it hit home for many. Now it is next door. Before we could talk bout it being thirty, forty miles away. Now its in the next town. Now people will really think twice before they head out. “Do we really need this or that?”

Carolyn’s work, Wells Fargo, is now closing its doors. Yes, she still needs to go to work. She is considered an essential business. One of those places that you do not hear mentioned when people talk about essential personnel. Well, they are closing the doors, but they are keeping the drive through open. So she will have somewhat a buffer. Not sure how the vacuum tube will help with germs.

As always, I encourage you to leave your experiences in the comment field at the bottom of this page. This is not a blog about me. This is a time capsule for future generations of what we went through. The more stories we have here, the more our kids will see what Coronavirus2020 was all about. So please, share.

Friday, March 20, 2020

ENTRY ONE: It seems like this like a movie right now. It really doesn’t have too much a feel to it, but surreal nonetheless. You go outside the house and see people acting not normal. We seem to be losing the country edge that makes us the country folk we have been known for. It is saddening.

Folks are stocking up on everything from rice to toilet paper, thinking that tomorrow it will not be there. Stores will open at 6 AM only to be emptied by 10. It is crazy. Thank God they finally got some sense and put limits on most common goods that these individuals were hoarding. I can understand that most of us have never seen a situation like this in our lifetime, but those who have are too old to act with the vigor they would like to, and therefore are pushed aside and left empty handed. Compassion is forgotten, and the right of self preservation kicks in. Through which true colors are revealed.

When it first hit, I spent a half hour in line in our small town of Charlotte at a Family Dollar. I was not even buying anything essential. Most of the people in front of me had carts full of stuff. A couple of them I did not recognize. I was told by the manager that outsiders from San Antonio and other places were coming to our town because SA stores were out of many items. She had to put limits on stuff because they were leaving nothing for us locals.

Switching gears, the kids are out of school for God knows how long. Right now it is until April 6th. Chris’ prom has been postponed, most likely cancelled. He is pretty upset, as is Jacqueline (so are both moms as they all have spent time and money on this.) Who knows what this will mean for the end of the year, not to mention next year.

All businesses, as of today, are closed for the most part. Texas Governor Abbott issued an executive order that limited social gatherings to 10 people. That means restaurants, bars, theaters, any gathering places are closed. Even our church is now going to Facebook Live this and next week. It is now a different world we live in: that is until April 3rd when the order is set to expire.

Again, this is really a journal entry style. Not really a blog, so if you are reading this there is nothing new I am telling you. I am writing this for posterity sake so the future generation will see it and know what happened today and so we remember what happened back when. I know there is so much more, but I can cover that in future entries as I plan to write a little each day, or if any major changes arise.

If you have read this far, or have skipped to the end, I encourage you to leave comments about your experiences during this time. What are your feelings, what are you seeing where you are at, what words of encouragement do you have for all of us?

What I have to say is that God is in control. He knows exactly where we are at. He is aware of what is going on. It is written on the pages of His book of history. We don’t know why, but He has a plan for it. And we need to trust Him and draw close to Him. He loves each of us with a love we cannot explain. Lean on that and each other and we will get through this.

One thought on “Corona Event 2020

  1. I’m stunned by how quickly life can change. A few hours ago, I was reviewing photos on a memory card, and I checked the date that several were taken. My husband and I on a lonely hilltop far above the Allegheny River, taking pics and exploring the earliest signs of spring. The sun was brilliant and the sky was an almost impossible shade of blue. We were worry-free. That was only a few weeks ago. It’s like it was a different lifetime.

    Store shelves (one county north of Pgh Pennsylvania) are routinely stripped bare of bread, eggs, water, toilet paper, meat, and canned goods. People are scared. I’m scared. I’m still going to work every day although our governor issued an order to close all non-life-sustaining businesses. I suppose it’s arguable whether or not the industry I work in actually fits the description, but for right now, my employer has squeezed out a rationalization that they are exempt from the closure.

    That is mostly at the root of my fear. My husband is in a demographic at a much higher risk with this virus. I’m terrified I’ll be exposed to it at work and bring it home to him. Otherwise, we live in relative boonies north of the Pgh urban sprawl. We have empty acres and acres around our home, and no reason to worry about the virus coming into our personal space on a breeze.

    We miss our children and our grandchildren.

    Like everyone else, we watch and we wait…

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