Moving right along

Hello everyone.

I am moving my blog from Blogspot to my website on WordPress. I really haven’t written much since December. Holidays have come and gone, Carolyn and my anniversary, and a quick trip to California to visit an ailing relative. I’m set to get back on track with writing and furthering what God has set in my heart. I pray you will join me in this adventure. Read, like, share, and prayer. One could never use enough prayer.

I have added a tab on this website of my Gallery. Photos I have taken over the years. Mostly of the glorious sites God has allowed me to witness in the oilfield. God is amazing. His handiwork is all around us. We just need time to sit, take a breath, and take it all in. I pray you enjoy my photos.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with thoughts, prayers, and kind words. My hope is that what I am doing here is touching you the way God has touched me through doing it.

Just an update, I am currently editing The Five Barred Gate. Was exciting to get back into the driver seat and say hello to my old friends, Jacob and Eric. I look forward to perfecting their world and bring it to you, hopefully by the end of the year.

God Bless you all!!

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