The Amazing Word of God

Our church is reading through the Bible this year. We have a daily reading schedule that gives us a little bit of the each Testament, then a portion of Psalm and a verse or two out of Proverbs. It can be a little overwhelming, especially if you miss a day or two, but I’ve learned how to break it up throughout my day to help that out.

It is amazing to me how God orchestrates the readings. Quite a few times the verses I am reading out of the Old Testament line up with a teaching in the New Testament. Or better yet, I will read a Psalm and it will be the writer praising God for an event I just read about in my OT passage.

God does that with our lives. He puts something or someone in our path, that particular day, that is only for you. He guides us in ways we could miss if we are not paying attention. That’s why it’s always good to be ready for whatever He may send your way. Whether it be a specific verse (sometimes verses) or a person you may come across during your busy day. God wants to speak to us, or through us.

Sometimes the Word speaks to a situation we may be going through. But don’t worry if you read and can’t relate to any of it. It may be for someone else. A friend, co-worker, or perhaps a stranger you may overhear at lunch. You never know when God’s word will be relevant. Soak it in. Like Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:2, “be ready in and out of season”. Always approach His word in two ways. Ready to teach, or ready to be taught. Both draw us closer to the person He desires us to be.

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