Celebrating the Number 100

I was looking through my WordPress account this past week, and I noticed something. This post is my 100th post, well, at least on WordPress. I did have a Blogspot account before I moved everything over here. If you haven’t read my profile, Moments for the Heart was born in 1997 with poetry I had copyrighted from my younger days. My online presence began in 2008 when I launched my Blogspot account and started posting this poetry, then grew into a blog here and there. I relocated everything to WordPress in 2017, right about the time I began editing on The Five Barred Gate, two years before it was published.

My Journey So Far

Over the years, I have written primarily on Christianity and how God has influenced my life. At times, it has been quite preachy, especially the early Blogspot posts, and I have tried to overcome that aspect of myself. I endeavor to share Christ in a way that does not sound condescending. I am no better than anyone else. In fact, I come from a place that most of what I speak of, I have been through. Please forgive if my eagerness in sharing what God has done for me has ever come across as holier than thou.

The blogs have led me to a life that I could only dream of. They gave me the confidence to pursue a life as a writer. Mixed into all of that, came the joy of meeting all of you—friends and family who spurred me on to dig my heels in. Then, I took the next step.

Now I am a full-time Freelance Writer. Now I have two novels published and four published Children’s books. This led to meeting so many new people: You, the one reading this blog (I know there are a couple of you who have been there since the Blogspot days), the ones who purchase my books, and the followers of my social media pages. All I can say is Thank You!!

What is Yet to Come

I always say that I plan to do more with this blog. Then I go a month or two or three with some consistency, but life happens. I get busy with my writing job, get tired, run out of topics, or quite honestly just don’t feel like writing. I think we are all like that. We plan, but our execution is rather poor. I know what you are thinking; it is the same advice I have said to you in my past posts, “If it is important to you, you will find time for it.” I need to heed my own advice.

While I aspire to be more than I am and see my followers in the quad-digit or more, all of that is not that important. It would be cool. It would be cool to see comments come in and share and see my books fly off the shelf, but what really matters is what is done within the numbers I do have. If God touches your life through anything I have done, then I am satisfied. THAT is what matters.

What it Breaks Down to

All of this is not for me. I know I am just a tool for God. I am here as an extension of God’s amazing grace. My hand is to point to him and not myself. I may say things like my book, my website, and my success, but I would not be anything if it were not for God. He has given me the ability I could not have on my own. And as my profile states, it is my job to use it for His glory. That has been and always will be my intention behind every blog, every post, and every book that I write. They are not my words; they are His words flowing through me. I am just the conduit He is using.

Thank You!!

Lately, I have been mixing in my snippets from my novels and Work in Progress. I hope you have been enjoying those and that they pique your interest enough to purchase one. They are all available on Amazon. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you have not already. I love to hear from my friends through comments on posts; they are an encouragement to me.

Thank you again for all your support. Here is to the next 100!!

Photo by Floris Andréa on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Number 100

  1. Don’t ever worry about being too “preachy” Jeff. Some people are just going to feel that way because you are trying to live your life for God and give your words as pertaining to your thoughts and feelings. None of us are perfect so you keep plugging away. As long as your feelings are true and honest, that’s what matters. Congrats on the 100 (I know this comment is a bit late) but keep pushing to 200.


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