Weekend Writing Warriors – 1/23/22 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – Derrick and Breonna Talk

Hey, fellow Writing Warriors!! Long time no see. Yeah, I took another break. But I’m back and ready to give y’all another dose of LIttle Reminders of Who I Was. As a reminder this is the follow up to my novel Little Reminders of Who I Am. It follows the secondary character, Carter, who was the character who brought Aaron and Deborah together in Little Reminders part one. He serves the same purpose for Derrick and Breonna, but there is an added bump in the road for Carter this go around. He must deal with it and still meet his obligations given to him by the Lord.

I hope everyone had a great new year and have a long list of plans for 2022. May is in my sights right now and it cannot get here fast enough. The Transference will hit shelves on May 11. This is the Crime Thriller I introduced you to last year. No one is more excited for this than my wife, she was my beta reader and she couldn’t put it down. And I am excited to get it into your hands.

But first, let us revisit Derrick and Breonna in this week’s Snippet Sunday in Little Reminders of Who I Was.


I am still working on an official Synopsis for this novel. — The book is about Derrick Anders. He is a college student who works in a bookstore. He is struggling with school, work, and a recent loss in his family. So, he has little time for friends, much less a love life in spite of a coworker, Breonna, who has her eyes set on him. I’m still working on an official Synopsis for this novel.

Carter has been sent to bring them together, just as he was sent to bring Deborah and Aaron together in the first installment. There will be obstacles on their road to getting together. a couple of missed opportunities, and an unexpected bump in the road for the one responsible for their connection. Carter may even need an old friend to help him get back on track.


Here is a little bit from our last time:

With the last snippet not really having a connection to this snippet I am only posting a link to it. The last Snippet was of an interaction between Derrick and a regular in the restaurant he frequents.

Last Snippet – Derrick meeting with Gary in the Taco Shop

OKAY HERE WE GO WITH THE NEW SNIPPET: I am going to jump ahead several chapters. This is the first scene where Derrick and Breonna have some alone time:

[Setting up the scene. Their work shift has ended and Breonna’s brother has left her stranded. Derrick has offered to give her a ride home. They are in the process of walking to his car. Derrick has just commented on her ability to work with her younger brother.]

Derrick could see her smile return in the mix of darkness and lamplight.

“Thank you, Derrick. That means a lot,” Breonna said as they reached Derricks car. Derrick unlocked the door and she sat inside. He closed it behind her, sighing in relief that the seat was trash and fry-free.

Once seated, Derrick started the engine and gave it a rev. “Sorry, she needs to warm up a bit. She’s old but runs well. I’ll turn the heat on in a sec.”

Breonna rubbed her arms, her hands still tucked half into the sleeves. “It’s okay. How long have you had it? Sorry, her?”

“Since I started driving, seventeen? Four years now? She was in a parking lot graveyard, and a man in our church sold it to me for three hundred. He told me it just needed a bit of TLC and some under the hood work. I Googled most of what needed to be done and repaired her myself. She’s purred ever since,” as if to prove a point, Derrick revved the engine. Breonna laughed. Derrick looked at the dash, letting him know that the heater could be turned on.

“Are you hungry?”

Breonna was silent for a moment, then nodded, “Yeah. I could go for something.”

As if scripted, a squeal came from the entrance on their left. A Honda sped up to the bookstore entrance and stopped at the front door. Breonna growled.

“Let me guess. Ellis?”

“Ellis,” she said. She looked at him across the car, her eyes glowing in what little parking lot light was coming into the vehicle. “Some other time?”

“You can count on it,” Derrick said. He drove to where Ellis was idling, probably scared out of his wits over an angry sister and the thought of never be allowed to borrow her vehicle again.

Here is the first alone time our two main characters get. It had been building and you get the first taste of it here Writing Warriors. I hope it was delivered well. As I have said it had been difficult coming off of writing a Crime Thriller to dive into a love story. I do love the connection that Derrick and Breonna have throughout the initial stages of their relationship. She sees something in him the others don’t and works hard enough to get beyond the barriers he has erected. He, here, has lowered those barriers enough to allow her to peek into his world. Man, I love these characters.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 1/23/22 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – Derrick and Breonna Talk

  1. “He closed it behind her, sighing in relief that the seat was trash and fry-free.” – Ha! Those sneaky fries have a way of slipping into every crack and crevice. Nice scene, Jeff. Welcome back! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Veronica. I really do love these two characters. I am glad it is coming through in the writing. After the first installment, I wasn’t sure if I could capture the same ‘magic’ I had with Aaron and Deborah.


  2. First, welcome back. Second, sorry it took so long for me to read this. Pesky little brothers. LOL Like Julie, I laughed at the fry-free area. Typical guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking the time to catch up. Yeah, I had to add some typical guy stuff to Derrick, especially the car. Stereotypical? Yes, but in writing sometimes you have to go that route.


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