The Fuel Stop of Life

Do you go to church? If not, what are your reasons for not attending? Do you feel out of place? Are the others you talk to making you feel uncomfortable? Or is it one of the other reasons, like it’s too early, or it’s the only day of the week that you have off work?

Empty Cups

There are several reasons we give ourselves to stay in our pajamas and pull the covers back over our heads. I feel them every week as well. But what pulls me out of bed is the same reason every week now. I know I need to be recharged. My cup needs to be refilled. If I don’t go, the energy I need to get through the next week will not be there.

Daily Reading

A healthy Christian life begins with daily reading. But it also includes weekly doses of spiritual filling that can only come from hearing the word of God spoken through one of His chosen vessels. And this should be in a corporate setting. This is where we come together and share with others. There is just something about being around other believers. The Bible teaches us that there is power in that meeting when two or more of us are gathered together. It doesn’t mean that He doesn’t function in our alone time. It just means that we are destined to be more powerful as a group of believers.

Together as One

There is immense power in coming together as a group. Jesus told his disciples to remain together and wait for the Spirit to come, and it did. And when the Spirit descended on them, they were given power beyond what they could believe. They were filled and went on to change the world. They went out but always came back together to share what had happened, to pray, and recharge. Just as we go about our week and come back to a meeting place on Sundays for our time of recharging.

Sure, we are to spend our daily time of prayer and devotion, but there is something about corporate worship. It is when we get to share what God had done in our lives OR to bring our needs about what has happened in our lives to others so we can pray for each other. There is power either way.

Time to Filler-Up

So, when you lay your head down on Saturday evening or wake up on Sunday morning and contemplate turning over and shutting your eyes think about these things. It is time to head into the filling station to refill your tank; to recharge your battery. If not for yourself, perhaps there will be someone there who may need the encouragement only you could give.

Photo by Wassim Chouak on Unsplash

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