Weekend Writing Warriors – 2/13/22 – Little Reminders of Who I Was – Aaron Finds Carter

Hey Writing Warriors. We are back for another exciting week of snippets. I feel I did better this week of making rounds to visit y’all. You have some amazing works. I am honored to be part of what each of you is doing in the literary world. We make a great team. I look forward to taking on the world by your side.

I am excited to announce that this novel has now been submitted to my publisher, WordCrafts Press. This will be the fourth novel they will be handling for me. I hope to hear from them soon. With The Transference coming out in May, I would think this wouldn’t see the light of day until 2023. But I have suggested a Thanksgiving release timeframe given that the book takes place during that holiday. We shall see.

I have also started my next project. If you’ve been around long enough you’ll remember The Five Barred Gate. Well, I’m writing its sequel. The Five Barred Gate II will take place roughly 20 years after the events of the first book and follow the life of Michael; Jacob and Renae’s son. He was two in the first novel. The U.S. has grown much darker and the action will grab from the get-go. I am excited.

Anyhow, just a reminder, The Transference will hit shelves on May 11. This is the Crime Thriller I introduced you to last year. I should be getting the cover soon, I would like to get onto promoting it.

Okay. Here we go for this week’s snippet.


Derrick Anders is a college student who works in a Houston chain bookstore. He struggles between his studies, work, and a recent loss in his family. Derrick has little time for friends much less a love life, in spite of Breonna, a coworker who has her eyes set on him. And then there is Carter. He is sent to do what he does best, bringing two hearts together. But there is something unique about Derrick that Carter will not be expecting. Something that will bring back his past and he may need an old friend to help him get back on track.


First, here is a bit from last time:

“It’s about time. I was about to give up on you,” Carter said without turning around.

“I was about to say the same thing on the street until I realized where you were going.” Aaron stopped behind Carter, just out of view.

“We all circle back to what’s familiar.”

“What was wrong with your library?

“All I could see was that boy’s face. And that boy’s face led me to his mother’s.

I am gong to jump ahead a few paragraphs. There is a little bit of small talk that doesn’t further the story much. So instead of wasting a snippet word count, I am choosing to skip a bit.

Carter nodded and was quiet. He sipped his coffee, then looked down at the cup, “I don’t know what you want from me, Aaron.”

“I think it’s more about what you want from me,” Aaron clarified.

Carter looked up at him, his white brows furrowed.

“You know what I’m talking about. What brings you here?”

Carter shrugged. “Familiarity, I suppose. It’s the last place I felt I belonged.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“I’m not sure if I can in terms you could understand,” Carter said, looking up to the ceiling.

“What, is it an angelic thing?”

“In a way.”

“I think I can try; go ahead.”

“In my position, when I’m sent to help individuals, a level of connection is made. Call it spiritual if you want. I suppose that would be the closest explanation I can compare it to. It helps God work within each heart. But it allows me to see into people to know just how to react and help them. That connection runs deep, and sometimes it’s harder to let go once the assignment is complete.”

“Because of your duality; your human side here, versus the angelic side you gave up to remain here.”

Carter eyes sqinted. “Precisely. How you know that I don’t know, but that’s right on the money. For some individuals, it’s harder to break that bond. That tie remains. I’ve experienced it just a couple of times.”

“And the reason you are here is that Deborah was one of them.”

“It’s why you and I are sitting together now, yes.” Carter said, sipping his coffee.

“And Derrick Anders is the other. Or rather Angela Robertson.”

Carter nodded.

“And what happened with Angela Robertson?”

Carter, this time shook his head. “She died.”

“I know about that. Derrick has told me all about it. He told me about the night he saw you three years ago with his mom before she died.”

Carter’s head shot up, “What have you told him?”

“Nothing,” Aaron said, holding up his hands. ” He doesn’t know who you truly are. All I’ve told him is that he needs to talk to you and follow your instructions. That’s all.”

Aaron again felt studied through Carter’s glare, “You can’t tell him the truth. It will ruin everything. He needs to draw closer to God of his own volition. Telling him could drive him further away.”

“Then you need to get back to work, Carter,” Aaron said, pointing at him. “Sitting here sulking only gives the enemy time to drive him further from God. Remember, this is your task to complete.”

Carter’s eyes went back to his cup, rotating it in its saucer. He exhaled, “I’m not sure if I can, Aaron.”

There is your snippet Writing Community. I had a little bit of difficulty at first writing Carter troubled since he was so confident in the first installment. But the more I began to write him, the more natural it became. I did have to be cautious about how far I went with it, though. So, not only is this installment a love story, it is as much about Carter finding himself again. Aaron is his past success story that aids him in finding himself again. And he will be the bridge that helps Carter and Derrick mend the issues that exist between them.

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  1. Because I missed much of what you posted last year, I’m still a bit confused. I’m sure I’ll catch up. LOL The conversation between them seems very real. Nice job.


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