Why Creation Makes Sense

The line in the sand has been drawn for years—Creation versus natural occurrence. Either you believe in a Creator, or you believe that the world evolved from thousands, if not millions of years, of nothingness combining to make something. In either case, it takes faith to place your belief in such a system because none of us were around when Creation happened, and on the flip side, none of us is a million years old. In either case, we are here, living our lives on the Earth; we can all agree on that.

Nothing from Nothing

The issue is that when many consider that everything slowly came into existence from something prior to it and that something tracks back to nothing, it leaves people with a sense of emptiness. When people come from nothing, they will feel like nothing. It’s no wonder why so many are striving to hit perfection in their lives, looking for just that one more thing. They believe the achievement of it will make them happy. Then when they obtain it, they find that all they have is more stuff, a better job, a higher rank, a larger family, but still have that emptiness.

When someone lives in a created life, they have a more driven life; life has a sense of purpose. With a Creator, there is a reason. Just as a baker has a reason for baking a cake, to be eaten. A carmaker builds a car for it to be driven. (A writer writes a novel for it to be read.) And an architect draws plans and executes them so a building can be lived in. A Creator creates so the creation can live for Him, love Him, and be with Him. We are that creation. We didn’t just happen, with no ultimate goal for living.

But then creation went and done messed things up.

But Something Changed

Yep, we did. In fact, the very first two of us screwed up the whole thing for the rest of us. Heh. Ladies, the pain in childbirth… thanks, Eve. Sin is the reason you have so much pain. Men, why does your back hurt after eight hours of working all day… Yep. Adam. “Why… I oughta…”

But the biggest thing is that even before God said, “Let there be light…” there was a plan. He knew we were gonna mess things up. Yet He spoke the words anyway. He loved us that much. He could very well have lived in His existence and let us unexist in the nothingness of uncreation. But God spoke.

Still don’t believe in God’s love? Still doubt He can love us so much? Consider this:

A Fair Comparison

You and your spouse made your kids. You want to be in their lives. You want to do anything and everything to protect them. Am I right so far? In fact, I bet you would give up your life for them. You’d do that even if they turned their back on you. You’d do that if they left the house, and two years later, you got a frantic phone call at three a.m., and they needed you. You would drop everything and be at their side. —God is the same with you. You are his child. He created you. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away from him, a week, two years, or a lifetime. He is ready to be by your side. All you have to do is place that call — in this case, pray.

There Is no Doubt

There is no doubt in my mind that Creation is real, and that God created me. And that He created you. The evidence is all around us. Just take a look at a golden sunset, listen to a child’s laughter, or feel the passion of the love of your spouse. God’s fingerprints are all over it. And why? Just as the carmaker builds cars because he loves cars, and the architect loves houses and creates homes for families. God created people because He loves you.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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