Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/6/22 – The Five Barred Gate II – A Time and a Place

Good afternoon Weekend Writing Warriors. We are back with another writing snippet from The Five Barred Gate II. As I researched, I learned that The Five Barred Gate snippets were posted when I first began with you. Now here we are, almost three years later. Wow how time flies. So many books and snippets. Now to be introducing part two? So exciting.

Each of you has a lot to do with this project. All of your comments on those snippets kept me going on to publication. Now here we are getting into the sequel. If you weren’t part of the first thread, I have it all hashtagged and you can catch up on those snippets. Here is a link to them if you want to read up on the first novel.

The Five Barred Gate sequel takes place roughly 20 years after the events of the first novel and follows Michael; Jacob and Renae’s son. He was only two-years-old in the first novel. The U.S. has grown much darker due to new laws, and the action grabs from opening paragraph. This novel will definitely get interesting.

The Transference hits shelves on May 11. This is the Crime Thriller I introduced you to last year. The cover is a bit behind, but will be coming soon, I am eager to promote it.

Okay, we are all caught up. Here we go for this week’s snippet.


(more of an outline right now) – Our main character is Michael Andrews. He is the son of Jacob and Renae, the MCs of the first novel. He was two-years-old then. He is now 24. Michael is married with twin daughters. His wife, Rachel is the granddaughter of Frank Dunham. He is the owner of a restaurant mentioned in the first novel and part of the original group that met.

Twenty years later, the laws have gotten stricter. Several amendments have been added to The Federal Speech Act. People are now more apt to turn someone in when they are offended. This has especially affected the religious community. Churches are sparse, even Our Saviour’s Cross, the local church that existed during TFBG has disbanded and gone into hiding again. Jacob had been the pastor since the end of the first novel.


We are continuing from where we left off last week. Michael has received a phone call from a court liasion telling him that his wife has been arrested. Why, he does not yet understand. We pick up where we left off. But first, let’s give you a couple of sentences from last week:

“When can I see her?” Michael asked.

“As I stated, she is being processed as we speak. Then she will be taken to the courthouse, where she will be given an opportunity to plead. Those preceedings are closed door. She will be asked if she wants a court-appointed attorney or if she will be represented. This is part of the point of my call. If you inform me she has representation, then I will pass this on to the judge, and we can continue from there.”


“Yes, I will have an attorney for her. When can I see her?” Michael asked again, more firmly.

“If you have a licensed attorney that meets JSI-2399 standards, he can submit his request to the court at the hearing. If the judge approves, then he will be allowed to represent your wife.”

“And if not?”

“Then she will be appointed one by the state at your cost,” the stern voice informed him.

“And until then?”

“Your wife will remain in county custody until the hearing tomorrow.”

“Can I see her?”

“After the hearing in the morning, sir.”

“Can I call someone to speak to her at least?”

“Again, Mr. Andrews, after the hearing in the morning,” the voice didn’t break its monotone cadence. There was no remorse or concern. There would be no getting through.

“Do you have information on what time her hearing will be?”

“The courthouse opens at 8:30 AM. The docket should be printed and on display. Just know that no firearms, drug paraphernalia, or recording devices including cellphones are allowed inside the courthrooms.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “Yes, thank you. I will leave my arsenal at home.” He hung up the phone and sat in his recliner. He could feel and hear his heartbeat between his ears. What in the world is going on? It was a good thing that…

Michael pulled out his phone and flipped a couple of screens, and pressed on the face of a smiling older gentleman. The phone rang three times, and the voice that went with the face answered, “Michael, what can I do you for son? These kiddos are giving their grandad a run for his money.”

“I bet they are. One just feeds off of the other. It’s like they have it all planned out.”

“I’m sure they do. Rachel should be here before long. You lookin’ for her?”

“Actually. No. She’s the reason why I’m calling,” Michael said trying not too sound panicked.

“What’s happened?” grandad asked, the conern immediate in his voice.

“I was hoping you knew. All I got was a call from an Official’s booking office that she had been taken into custody.”

“On what charges,” Frank Dunham said with the same questioning tone he had given the clerk.

“They said something about soliciting and violating some other laws of the Federal Speech Act.”

“That usually means she was saying something she oughtn’t.”

There you go, Writing Community. Another peek into The Five Barred Gate II. We’ve given a little bit more info on what’s going on. And our first name drop: Frank Dunham. This snippet may mean a little more to those who have read the first book. Frank Dunham was a secondary character in the first novel. He is the grandfather of Michael’s wife. He would have a pretty good insight to what is going on because of his experiences in the first novel.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 3/6/22 – The Five Barred Gate II – A Time and a Place

  1. Great scene, Jeff! Tense with an unlying current of panic. I especially like the “heartbeat between his ears” line. Sooooo descriptive! Nice job.

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  2. Rachel’s grandfather’s line “That usually means she was saying something she oughtn’t” was just what I was thinking when the man told Michael the charges. This is a very strict world, it seems. I’m really curious to find out more about Rachel’s fate. Tweeted.


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