Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/13/22 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – And the Adventure Continues

Hey everyone. I am back. Writing a new WIP. This one I am super excited about and have been for almost a year now. This is the final installment in my Little Reminders trilogy. I had been writing a sequel to The Five Barred Gate, but that is completed and shelved. Now, Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be is my focus. I began this series with y’all three years ago. WOW, has it really been that long??? And looking back, my first comment ever here came from our late friend and warrior, Ed Hoornaert. I will miss reading his input and his witty posts with Effing. 🙋‍♂️🫡

This book has been an adventure. It is still a love story, but not quite like the other two novels. The ending scene from the second book sets this one up. I promo’ed the first book as a blend of a Hallmark Movie and It’s a Wonderful Life. That comment came from a review I received. For this third book, it has A Christmas Carol type of theme. Not necessarily ghosts, but past, present, and future, with Carter the angelic figure in the story as the guide.

The story begins with Stephanie Marshall, she is the owner of a successful writing firm. She has an office and a staff who write prose for big clients across the Charlotte, NC area. Her company is in demand, but she is struggling with the monotony of home life. She is on the verge of an affair and even on her way to a rendezvous when our angelic friend steps in to teach her three lessons about life. One from her past, one from her present life, and one about her future self that will leave her in a state of shock, placing two paths in front of her.

It has been fun writing this installment so far. I am writing it as part of NaNoWriMo. I’m just shy of 30K now. I wanted to be further at this point, but with the event I was part of this week, I am a bit behind schedule. But I am okay with that… It was to help our local schools Food Locker. It was a great turnout and many children in our community will have food to eat. I love being part of this event and don’t know why I don’t do it more often. It doesn’t have to be centered around a book release.

Sorry to talk your ear off. Here is a snippet from Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be. I do not have a planned out synopsis as of yet. With the above explanation, I believe it suits its purpose.


I will begin from the beginning of the novel. I’m leaving off the Prologue and some of the intro of the book. It’s Carter, the angelic character, receiving his assignment from Gabriel and the intro of the characters; Stephanie and her office staff. Most of these characters are not seen again in the book.

I dive into conflict fairly early. I introduce the characters and their positions then we move into this:

Marshall Copywriting Services, LLC, was a good team and well balanced. No one was ever seeking the spotlight. “When one shines, we all shine.” Was the team motto. It helped them remain competitive. It helped her to remain lucrative enough to pay her employees well. With their awards, Stephanie knew she would continue to have to pay top dollar to keep them around. Although with Jeremy, he may not be around much longer. His days of mediocre article writing were always a stepping stone for him. He had said so over dinner last week. She enjoyed listening to his aspirations. It was a change of pace from hearing about drywall and building inspections at home—someone who understood the trade and had their eye on something bigger and better.

It wasn’t that Stephanie wasn’t happy at home. She loved Joseph. Their nearly ten years of marriage had been blissful. Two kids and a beautiful home that he practically built himself. It had all the amenities that she desired and planned herself. They had no marital issues. He treated her well, they never argued, things were just stale. It was routine. They came home, ate dinner, watched television, talked about their day, dealt with the kids, and then went to bed. It was what she wanted. So, she thought. It came to the point where she stayed at the office a bit longer. It built up to where a simple offer to grab a drink became attractive.

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Thank you for visiting my page this week. I look forward to your input on my snippet. Have a blessed week. Thank you for those who serve or have served our wonderful country. We may not be perfect, but we are free. We have the freedom to express ourselves in whatever fashion we choose. All voices and opinions can be expressed and we are allowed to disagree with each other. That is the beauty of America. So please don’t be like those who say, either way, they are on their way out of the US if an election doesn’t go their way. It doesn’t make sense. God Bless America because of the freedoms we have.

Have a wonderful week my writing buddies. You all are always in my prayers even if time doesn’t permit me to visit all of you. And I do thank you for those who supported the Elissa Celebrates Christmas pre-sale. More info to come.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/13/22 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – And the Adventure Continues

    1. Most definitely. It will be interesting to write this from a female POV. But being close from a male perspective, taking the roles and reversing them, should lend to making the experience authentic.


  1. I enjoyed the intro. Personally, the older I get the less excitement I want in my life, but sometimes, even though I enjoy my routine, the part of me that believes life should be shaken, not stirred, wishes Something Splendid would happen to shake things up.
    Best to keep such splendid adventures to my stories, I think. At this juncture, such a thing would probably kill me.
    Tweeted the post.

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