Weekend Writing Warriors – 11/20/22 – Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be – The Reason Behind it All

Little Reminders of Who I’m Going to Be is 99.9 percent complete. I am rounding off the edges so I can meet the NaNoWriMo stipulations. This will be by far the shortest novel I’ve written. I would be close to say that it is almost a novella. But I suppose that when I dive into edits in January that there will be additions to it that could extend it a bit. I say this because when I began writing it I focused on the MC too much and didn’t write didn’t write scenes involving my secondary characters. Primarily her husband. I think to round out the story I do need to write a couple of scenes with her husband to gain his perspective. I think this will boost the story and add to the what we’ve read so far. Like why does she feel the need to seek the arms of another man? Is he feeling the same desires? Then what brings about the resolution at the end of the story? His perspective at the end of the story matters just as much as hers, and I need to build that up. So that will add to the word count upon revisions.

I hope everyone is prepared for Thanksgiving. I pray you have a wonderful time with food and family. God bless everyone. I am thankful for each of you, you have been part of this writers success, being there for me from the first installment of Little Reminders until today. You are awesome and I thank God for each of you. Have a blessed holiday and Keep on Keeping on!!

Now, let’s get on to this week’s snippet!!

Not really much of one but its what I wrote last week. I am still developing one.

Stephanie Marshall is the owner of a successful writing firm. She has an office and a staff who write prose for big clients across the Charlotte, NC area. Her company is in demand, but she is struggling with the monotony of home life. She is on the verge of an affair and even on her way to a rendezvous when our angelic friend, Carter Jennings, steps in to teach her three lessons about life. One from her past, one from her present life, and one about her future self that will leave her in a state of shock, placing two paths before her.


I will continue from where we left off:
Stephanie is in her office meeting with her team. They are going over their different assignments for the week.

First a bit from last week:
It was routine. They came home, ate dinner, watched television, talked about their day, dealt with the kids, and then went to bed. It was what she wanted. So, she thought. It came to the point where she stayed at the office a bit longer. It built up to where a simple offer to grab a drink became attractive.

Now here we go with our new snippet:
Kenneth was almost ten years her junior. And for a woman in her mid-thirties, eyeing a boy just passing becoming legal just seemed daring. You could almost say it was flattering that a younger man found her attractive. She was trying to remember the last time Joseph had complimented her when she got her hair done, or a blouse she was excited to purchase and show off. While Kenneth wasn’t quick to notice either, when the girl’s complimented her, he would be quick to agree with their praise. Either way, it excited her.

Last night they had their latest drink after work. It wasn’t like she was cheating on Joseph. She hadn’t crossed any lines. They hadn’t had sex. They hadn’t even shared a kiss. The most that had happened was he took her hand when they walked into the restaurant. She would admit that it sent her heart fluttering with the gesture. She wondered if anyone else knew of their after-work meetings. They did their best to keep it secret. But she would often catch herself holding a glance at Kenneth too long and have to break it. If one of the team noticed, she didn’t know. And that would be bad if they had.

Stephanie felt it was innocent enough. All they did was talk about work at their dinners. They never discussed taking the next step or their relationship, if that’s what it was. All business. For that, she was grateful. She knew it had to end, or it would proceed to the next step. And as a Christian, adultery was the big no-no. Right now, she was still in the “safe zone.” She had not crossed that fine line.

Well, there you have it. Stephanie is toeing a fine line here. I have in the novel that there are children involved. But they are in a scene, then they disappear, then suddenly reappear. Mostly because I remember that they exist. When I go back for revision I am considering writing them out. I have them being married almost ten years, and to be married that long without kids, seems a bit odd, but with both of their careers, it does seem plausible. I do have two scenes with the kids, They are brief and at the beginning. Then they are shipped to grandma’s house and not heard of again until the end of the story.

However the bulk of the story itself only takes place over three days, a weekend. So , it is believable that they be in the background and only mentioned. I guess I am mentioning this to talk myself through this and your input would be welcome. I am comfortable in leaving them in. I probably do need to drop a mention of them upon editing because as I said, at times I forget they exist. Thoughts?

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Thank you for visiting my page this week. I look forward to your input on my snippet. Have a blessed week. Remember to express your thankfulness to someone this week. We are often so busy taking that we don’t remember to thank those around us and most of all we forget the One who gives us it all. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the blessing of my Lord and Savior. He has been gracious enough to give me this success and this platform to spread His love through words. It is an amazing thing to do this for a living. To wake up and be able to do the thing I love to do. May God bless you and continue to bless you in your writing endeavors.

Have a wonderful week my writing buddies. You all are always in my prayers even if time doesn’t permit me to visit all of you. And I do thank you for those who supported the Elissa Celebrates Christmas pre-sale. More info to come.

In His Exciting Service,

Jeff S. Bray

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