Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child

Heaven was so much easier to believe in as a child. Open fields, playing baseball with angels; only you couldn’t steal second–that was a sin. Then there were banquet feasts along endless tables with every kind of food imaginable. And most of all, being together with the ones we love. Then there were walks with Peter asking questions about him walking on water, and about his denial. Or asking John about what locusts and honey taste like.

But adults? We make it difficult. We add complications to our beliefs.

And the biggest one of all; Who goes there. One of my greatest fears growing up was whether or not I would be on the list of those going to Heaven. One day my Sunday School teacher posed the “biggest fear” question to our class. That was my answer. He explained that as Christians, we should know. If we are saved, we should know it in our hearts.

The main issue for me today is that I grew up Pentecostal. They do not have a Once Saved Always Saved foundation. I think I have even taught contrary to this belief, Lord forgive me. (Yes, it was back then and under their belief system, but not according to God’s Word.)

When I began attending a Baptist church, I learned this was one of their foundational tenets. I had a hard time adjusting to this. I now see Scripture that this is true. But then there is the whole issue of what if a child at ten accepts Christ then as an adult becomes a serial killer? What then? That I cannot answer. It is beyond me.

But I digress, which proves my point. Adults over-complicate the whole matter. Which I now am. So, let’s get back on track–Heaven with a child-like faith.

I want to be able to see Heaven through a child’s eyes again. I want to see the banquet tables in the middle of a lush green pasture with all the foods you can imagine; fried chicken, BBQ meats, pastas, and yes, Ms. Gates rolls, and no matter how much you eat, you would never get a tummy ache because there is no pain in Heaven.

I want to see Heaven for what it is, the time when we are all gathered together, and every tear is wiped away, and we are filled with joy unspeakable. I want to see through the eyes of a child again. I want to set aside all my adult-sized expectations and give in to the child-like faith of a place filled with love… and fun that cannot be explained with words.

Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

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