New Beginnings

Our lives are filled with closing books and new chapters beginning. I recently completed my third novel. It was a long, hard-fought battle. One because of another battle I have been fighting, my Epilepsy diagnosis. That slowed the writing process. The other was over the subject matter. It being a crime thriller made it challenging to write—a genre I was unfamiliar with. Once you read it, you will understand.

It seems we all have our stories of what the past year, year and a half have been like. Maybe your story has several pauses or interruptions where you have been home or waiting for something to happen; heh, the other shoe to drop, in some cases. Then for some, it may seem like life has gone on with little to no interruption. You may have felt minimal impact from the struggles that have plagued others. In either case, life has been there and handed you stories you can and will tell for generations to come.

For me, my job is to write. And lately, some of the words I see across social media are disheartening. People are lost, hurting, and degrading. With so many fallacies out there, it’s hard to speak the truth and not have hundreds try to call you out on a comment or post, especially when you don’t have all the answers. Even more when it crosses religious barriers. When it comes down to it, what I do know is that Christ died for me to save me from my sins. All I have to do is believe in that, and I am saved. One day He is returning, and I will be in Heaven with Him. That is all that matters.

If some would take the time to understand the new beginning Christ brings. The old is made new; you are given a clean slate. I am not saying you don’t have to deal with some of the repercussions of actions or sins here on earth, but you most certainly are done with them on an eternal scale. There is also the internal hole that is filled when you fill it with Christ. The emptiness that is holed up. That, too, is noticeable. Will it happen instantly? Sometimes, but not always. It depends on how willing you are to the Spirit.

If you are still with me, I love each of my friends, believer, or non-believer. I pray for each one of you every day. It is a struggle to see people lost and not want to jump through my pages and tell you about God and all he has done, but I respect you and understand that it could do more harm than good. At the same time, I do want you to come to know the Christ that I know. I will continue to share my faith, and if you choose to unfollow or unfriend me, then so be it. 

Until then, Go with Christ. He is reaching out and wants to know you and give you a new beginning. He loves you and is patiently waiting for you to take hold of his hand.  If you have any questions or want prayer, DM, PM, leave a comment or email me. I will listen.

God Bless.

Photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash

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