Trust in Your Abilities

What do you have the ability to do? Really, what can you do that is your passion? Is it your job? A hobby?

When you have something you can do that you love doing almost more than life itself, it is most likely God-given. It is something that you were created to do. (I’m not talking about sitting beside the lake, with your line in the water, and throwing back a cold one.) It’s something you excel at without even trying; it just comes naturally. You may have learned it from someone. It may have come self-taught, regardless you know how to do it. Given the opportunity, you would do it for a living.

An Ability Challenged

Enter Peter and his brother. We are not told whether Peter and Andrew loved their job when they were called; most likely, their father was a fisherman, as was his father. Fishing was probably the family business. Sailing was their ability. It is not far from the realm of possibility that they loved to be fishermen. So, when they set out that day with Jesus and the other disciples to ‘go to the other side,’ Peter and Andrew had it under control.

But what happens when those abilities become challenged? The storms rise, and those around you begin to doubt to the point you begin to doubt yourself. Yelling and shouting; literal or figurative, is all overwhelming. Then, you find the Lord who has given you your gifts and abilities, and you doubt yourself, Him, and where he has placed you. “Teacher, Do you not care that we are perishing? (Mark 4:38b)

Jesus’ Pillow

We look over and see Jesus asleep. Not paying attention to the situation. Is he careless? Is he ignorant of the storm? Careless? Of course not!!

Think of two things in this passage. ONE: Jesus knew they would make it. He said, “Let us go across to the other side of the lake. (Luke 8: 22b)Never did he say, “Let us go to the middle and drown in a storm.” TWO: Jesus trusted in their ability. He was asleep. He was calm and knew everything was going to be okay in the hands of the experienced fishermen. — If only the other men in the boat had such faith. It was their fear that caused Peter and Andrew to take their eyes off their abilities, and off Jesus’ word, and onto the storm.

Think about it, how many storms do you think in all their years fishing have Peter and Andrew been through?

A Fisherman’s Ability

Peter and Andrew had the ability to sail. They knew the water and all its intricacies. You have abilities and passions, but there may be obstacles in the way that keep you from doing them. What is in your boat that keeps you from doing them? What situation is challenging you? Who is challenging you? Are you listening to their voice? Are you looking at the waves and doubting your abilities? Is Jesus sleeping in your boat, caresting not that you perish?

Your God-given Ability

Whatever you can do, whatever it is that you love to do, do it. If obstacles stand in your path, fight around them. A God-given passion cannot be stopped because of roadblocks. These are just challenges that will test your endurance in your determination to accomplish your goals. Don’t let them win.

Jesus may seem like He is asleep and ignorant. He’s not, He trusts your abilities—He gave them to you. You should have the same trust. Don’t listen to the naysayers around you—the ones who don’t know what’s going on, you are the experienced one. Keep on going. It’s your God-given ability.

Just know that He will step into the situation should the winds become stronger than what you can handle, at just the right moment. We just have to call on him, and He will have just the right words, “Peace, be still.”

Photo by zeynep gokalp on Unsplash

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