Coincidence? I Think Not.

Do you believe in coincidence? Have you ever heard yourself say, “What an amazing coincidence”? or something like it? How would you feel if I were to say that there was no such thing as coincidence?

I don’t believe life is random. On the other hand, I also do not believe that it is orchestrated to the point where every minute of life is laid out, and we are walking a set course where our choices make no difference. Choices matter. I believe we each have a God-given plan set for our lives and that we have the choice to walk that path or not. I believe each event in our lives is orchestrated to guide us on a path toward Christ. Good and bad. All events. Some people call these pinnacle events coincidence.

Me, I like to call them God-incidences.

God’s Provision

One of Carolyn’s favorite stories to tell is of a time when we were struggling. We had been married about six years. The kids were ten, three, and one. (Or close to those ages) At the time, we were in between paychecks, and the fridge was bare. We had a few items but not enough food to make a decent meal for a family of five. So we prayed. Not to much longer we get a knock on the door, and it’s our neighbor with a box of food items out of the blue. They were not aware of our need; just had extra stuff they did not need—a God-incidence of provision.

God’s Guidance

Have you ever experienced the confusion of which way to go? Life is filled with the ‘Ys’ in the road. Sheesh, sometimes they are ‘W’s’ or even sometimes resemble a rakes teeth. We just don’t know. Have you prayed for direction? When we pray, sometimes God will allow events to happen in our life that will steer us in the way we need to go. Many times, these can be ‘wow’ moments because the doors that are opened make the decisions easier. The only thing we need to do is be willing to follow the direction He is leading—a God-incidence of guidance.

God’s Orchestration

We just talked about God allowing things in our lives to bring about an event that will guide us to a blessing. That is one event. What about life in general? One event leads to another, and another, another. God’s direction. God’s allowance. We may not always like the events that occur in our lives, but I believe that every event is orchestrated by God. To put it another way, everything happens for a reason—even tragedy. The bad leads us to the good and onto the path that God has for us. It perfects the person we are destined to be.

The events of your life have been laid out; you choose how you will react to them.  You either move closer to God or further away from him. Stronger or bitter. Choose to allow the adversities to sharpen your blade, not dull it. I’ve always felt that my hardships were meant to strengthen me so I can help someone who had less strength so they can, in turn, help someone else who has less strength than they had when I helped them.

Most times we don’t get to pick the battles; we just need to choose to allow them to better us, to fight through them, and help others to the victories God will enable them to have. God-incidences of orchestration.

God’s Salvation

Every road leads to a crossing point. A moment of choice. For instance. It is not by chance you are reading this blog today. If it is speaking to your heart, then God has led you here for a reason. This is your God-incidence. As I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. Many times, in my life have I’ve missed a train, been late because of traffic, or not been somewhere I should have been earlier, and something occurred within that time frame that could have only been God.

Whether it was averting tragedy, coming across a friend, or having an opportunity to speak to someone who was hurting. I have seen many God-incidences. I was placed in those situations for protection or to help someone. You are here today for the same reason.

The entirety of history was built upon Christ going to the Cross. Then from the Cross to today is filled with many more. Just as your birth to today. God has provided, guided, and orchestrated your life for salvation. His love for you is the driving force. While people don’t see pain and struggles as love, we must understand it is part of a bigger plan.

Just as you can relate to someone today because you’ve been through their struggles, there are those behind you who will understand because of what you’ve been through. THAT is the ultimate purpose of why God allows suffering. He allows it to help the strong help the weak. It is called your testimony.

Allow your God-incidence today help those behind you to experience their future God-incidence tomorrow.

Photo by Julián Amé on Unsplash

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